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Eternity's Point

Made by Lazer Ki / rby

Ah, yes, for all of you who hated and thought Warrior Dee's RPG sucked ass, I promise you this one will be better.

With tons of stuffs from RMRK, and a whole lot of other junk, here's Eternity's Point


On the continent of Lordinca, the mainland and islands are split up into four territories for each Clan - Twilight, Ember, Aqua, and Swords. They disputed over land for centuries. Many lives were lost until they had finally agreed on them. All four of them soon set up two other cities - Emerald City(named for the Emerald Ocean) and Island City. They would go there if they had any conflict. Soon, out of nowhere, the Swords Clan suddenly gained strength. Their people were stronger. They knew very advanced techniques. And as the king of Swords had passed away, a new king, hungry for power, invades the Twilight Clan.
For the people of Twilight, hope was lost. Until, a prophet comes telling the King and Queen "Twelve heroes will come and stop those Swords!" And so, our protagonist, Edgar, in his home waiting for his father to return. After about four minutes he comes home, the Swords launch an attack on Edgar's town. That battle changed Edgar's life... Edgar's father was captured by the Swords. However, Edgar will soon realize that the Swords are not his true enemy...


  • ABS system(BlizzABS)Still uses a lot of RTP, but only in Animations(the pics) and soundsCMS(Made by other peoples)12 CharactersBlacksmithing System(well, sort of)(It's not a script)Difficulty Selection(Easy or Normal)

*Note - I would have used "Eternity's End" but that was used in Warcraft 3, so, I didn't want to be blamed for copying since I have already.

Latest Blog

EP Demo v1.4 FINAL

After this one, no more demos will be released. Well, any fixes.
This one has a ginormo change okay?
-Fixed Training Bug
-Revamped intro
-New In-Game Logo(w/ "b")
-EXP Bar in HUD(yet, still credit to Blizzard. After all, it was his ABS, anyway)
  • Cancelled
  • Lazer Kirby
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Action RPG
  • 09/04/2009 08:09 PM
  • 09/09/2014 07:15 AM
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Pages: 1
So this is supposed to be good cause you jammed it full of scripts, just for the reason of jamming full of scripts? Thats one of the most frowned upon things to do in RMXP/VX in my experience.

Just don't tell me this is about Edgar Figaro... Please...
No it's not a Final Fantasy fan game.
Well, I don't think it looks too bad right now. Just have a compelling story and a good cast of characters and you should be fine (scripts are fine but I come for the drama, not the bread&circuses.)
Yeah, this sounds like a sandwich with way too many toppings.

In other words, lighten up on the scripts, dude.
Huh, I don't really have that many scripts after I deleted a few of them that were useless.
One more thing,
when describing Edgar, do you mean PROTAGONIST? Because you called him an antagonist, as in a villain\antihero who's job is to pose a conflict to the main character. Being that this is "Edgar's Journey," shouldn't Edgar be the protagonist?
Argh. I keep getting confused between those two. Thanks.
Uh, when I get to the barracks, Edgar continuously says the same thing about the sign over and over again. You probably want to fix that.
Oh, thanks. I thought I tested everything out :-\

Guess I didn't.
How can you play it without a download???
The download hasn't been approved yet.
Difficulty Selection(Easy or Normal)
A hard mode would be more important than an easy mode.
Huh... I think I just might make all three of them... but that would mean making three of every boss...
Will not play at the very begining error line 604 , failed to create bipmap.
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