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A slight update of Onyx 2. Unlike the previous three year old download, this one will not use the hand-drawn facesets. The download is stand-alone, so you will not need RPGM2k3 to play it. Also, the "Wait" option has been added.

Brief Synopsis:

Evan Selwyn saved the world one year ago, but a recent trend in cult-like murders has prompted him to duty. Can Evan put a stop to these twisted murders, and who is the mysterious kid who claims to know him from long ago...? All of this and so much more in the conclusion of the Onyx Saga.


-A dark, ever-expanding storyline
-A large cast of unique, offbeat characters with their own individual personalities and abilities
- Several hours of optional material

Latest Blog

Back from obscurity: Onyx 2 gets a (small) update

I was playing through my old games today and after cringing through a lot of them, I came across this buried and forgotten dusty diamond... dusty, because of the HORRID facesets player complained about since the very beginning.

So today, I took them out.

And now the game definitely feels like a more upgraded version of Onyx 1, which it was intended to be.

While I wait for the download to be approved, if anyone is interested, they can follow the link here in the meantime: http://www.mediafire.com/?4itxtp8tjc0o771

Here are a few screenshots showing the change:

I also fixed up the introduction and scenes within the first two dungeons. A gameplay vid (or two) may follow.


- Yeaster
  • Completed
  • Yeaster
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 08/07/2007 05:13 PM
  • 10/23/2020 04:54 PM
  • 08/22/2010
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Okay... yeah, let me know what happens. If it happens again (which I hope it doesn't!!) try to take a screencap of the error msg.
No incidents so far. But, just have to say... Amzing unravelling of the story. Love the little warning before boss fights... it affords me to go back and double check the dungeon/blg for things I might have missed. The cutscenes are something else!!! I don't know how can anynone appreciate this game, if they haven't done ONYX1. When did you say is your next game out? I am addicted. :)
Yeah, Onyx 2 is a direct continuation of the first game. I've actually been playing through the Onyx games myself lately for shits and giggles/inspiration. I realize now, however, that making Onyx 2's story so heavily dependent on Onyx 1 was probably a mistake. I really should have made both games stand-alone. I don't know, I guess I was just being lazy back then. heh

My next game is A Nightmare in Sunnydale, which is coming. I'm writing the game out first, and then I'm just going to copy and paste into the program (which is also what I'm doing with Gatekeeper). Gatekeeper will follow, and after that, I'm totally done. haha I've actually been working on other projects of mine, and I've only recently gotten back into the RPGM scene because my schedule during the week has cleared up a bit (or maybe I've just gotten better at managing my time, who knows!).
Oh! I meant the co-dependence as a good thing... As I started Onyx2 right after onyx1, I enjoyed the continuity, so lazy or not, it worked for me! Will look forward to Sunnydale & Gatekeeper. Don't you have another game out preceding the ONYX series? I have to go back and re-read the comments to identify it...
Nope. Onyx 1 was my first completed game. I made it from the remains of a game I was working on called Proto Star. It was, um, less than a stellar. lol

Total Chaos did come before Onyx 2, tho.
Hey! looking for the toy in Meropi church. I go to the stained window - all of them in fact - but no boogeyman! I think I am stil in my fist heli. Am I missing something? (not unusual for me - I must say!)

Also, some of the monsters in the game are just tooooooooo much! Granted, the money is great (but goes nil fast) the experience fantastic, but how do you counter "stop"? baffled. Way too many "game over" screens - a big departure from ONYX1. Still, lots of fun!
Are you at The Black Tower? That's one of the hardest dungeons in the game, and the enemies there use "Stop" a lot. There are accessories that protect against Stopped, but you don't get them until a little bit later.

The thing with Onyx 2 is that you can wipe out most enemies in little time... but they can do the same to you if you let them. So you have to strike hard and fast. Figure out who is weak against what and pummel them with your best moves. Hold nothing back, and don't be afraid to use items. Treat every battle as though you were fighting a boss. That's the kind of intensity you have to bring to just about every fight.

As for Mepori... you should be able to fight the bad guy any time! Go the center stained window and click enter, see if that works. I'll look into it when I get home.


The Mepori Church fight is assessable just before entering the Onyx Cave.
Black tower is the place! I managed to get through it by leveling up close to 50, so then it became a nice walk through... No luck in Meropi, yet... but, thanks for looking into it....
That's odd. It worked for me. Are you sure you approached this mirror?

Try again the next you get the helicopter. Besides, chances are, at that stage in the game, Hyde Adelle would have been waaaaay to powerful. It's best to fight him a bit later. The 50s is a good level to take him on.
Ok will do! I am at the onyx cave. I can still get Hydie afterwards, no? If not i'll save a slot prior to Onyx cave and play it off turn...
yes... nice.. provided I ever get out of Onyx cave.... could you have made it any more challenging??? :P
Well... finished... sad, kind of. I was really hoping the love story of ONYX1 would live on after ONYX2... oh well.... Great, great game. Bravo!
Glad you enjoyed it. :) Who did you use as your main party?
I went with Evan, Jenn, Damian and Tatton. I am doing Total Chaos now... Does that make me a groupie? or an addict? Hope your next two games are out SOOOOOOON! How can I find out?
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