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Back from obscurity: Onyx 2 gets a (small) update

  • Yeaster
  • 08/22/2010 04:31 AM
I was playing through my old games today and after cringing through a lot of them, I came across this buried and forgotten dusty diamond... dusty, because of the HORRID facesets player complained about since the very beginning.

So today, I took them out.

And now the game definitely feels like a more upgraded version of Onyx 1, which it was intended to be.

While I wait for the download to be approved, if anyone is interested, they can follow the link here in the meantime: http://www.mediafire.com/?4itxtp8tjc0o771

Here are a few screenshots showing the change:

I also fixed up the introduction and scenes within the first two dungeons. A gameplay vid (or two) may follow.


- Yeaster


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Gamers don't die, they respawn.
I wasn't put off by the facesets to play this game before, but I'll admit that it does look better. (b^_^)b
To be honest, I think it does, too... It kind of feels like a whole new game.
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