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My zombie game is currently in production, I draw my inspiration from many games such as Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Dead Rising and etc.

Story is in the works, but won't give it away just yet!

Food System
The food system will put an emphasis on survival for the player, the player will have a stamina bar which will show the player how much stamina the character has left before they starts to slow down and lose HP.

Safehouse System
Various buildings can be barricaded to become safehouses, but before doing so the player must get rid of all the zombies in the building and seal the windows and doors by barricading them. Barricading will require nails and a hammer, sealing metal doors will only require an electric welder. Once the zombies have been killed and all windows and doors except the entry door has been barricaded the player will have unlocked a new safehouse.

Random Looting System
Looting system is completed and it randomizes the amount of items you can find as well as the items that you may find, making it a bit more fun as you never know what to find when you loot containers and such. Containers will give out random items that are likely to be found and not random misc items, Example: Food items will not be found in a safe and ammo caches will randomly give out random types of ammo.

Character Creation System
You have the option of choosing from a preset of characters or modifying your own to suit your play style.

There are many ways to open a locked door/container in the game:

Mechanical Breaching
Some doors will require a certain skill level before you can attempt to lockpick the door.
- Lock picking will be used if you have a certain skill level.
- Forcing open a door by is dependent on the strength stat of the character, using a crowbar increases the chances.

Explosive Breaching
Explosive breaching is the most destructive method of opening a locked door, exploding and destroying the whole door will allow entry but the door will be gone and cannot be repaired. Care must be taken when using explosives on chests and containers as there is a high chance you will destroy the items inside.

Latest Blog

17/07/12 - Inventory System

Working on the inventory system and gonna have to draw 100+ item pics :(

Here is what it looks like so far and it is semi-functional. All that needs to be done is equipping gear and combining items, just need to figure out how to do these.

The coverage part hasn't been done yet either, it's an idea proposed to me by KillerWolf. How it works is that every piece of clothing/gear/armor that you equip will add some amount of body coverage and this pretty much dictates how much damage you take when getting attacked by enemies.

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Your mom is a hero
A lot of zombie games of late...
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Gee, a zombie game. I am so unexcited.

You did a nice job though.
I don't get it, I rarely see any zombie games nowadays maybe it's because I don't check on this site very often.
I'm not specifically targeting the RM scene, just in general, zombie games are overrated. Except Left 4 Dead.
Wario's-a number one!
Lets just hope you can truely do something with this game, we need an actual good zombie game.
I hope so too, I'm leaning towards the open ended type of zombie game. Most zombie games are overrated because they are not done right I believe some are too linear...
Wario's-a number one!
Just don't go to over you're head, don't make the game to great for you to handle.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
Those screens look like rm2k/3 to me. You sure you're making this in Game Maker? Feel free to correct me if I'm being ignorant.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
Those screens look like rm2k/3 to me. You sure you're making this in Game Maker? Feel free to correct me if I'm being ignorant.
Yeah, I prefer game maker but I'll use the Rm2k3 graphics I made a while ago since I don't want them to go to waste.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
there are a lot of air conditioning units in your game
Are you talking about the Demo or Full Game?
wow no story line=fail don't drag this lie on
wow no story line=fail don't drag this lie on
I'll decide whether this game fails or not.
You know I've always been a fan of this project, and I'm surprised I missed it here on RMN. If you ever need any in-depth design or story help, let me know via PM. I'm a bit of a zombie expert *sunglasses*. I don't subscribe to many games, but I'm definitely subscribing to this one (I know it's a bit late, sue me!).
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