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There is something strange going on at the old temple in the remote village of Salidar. You are the Mysterious Wanderer - a warrior chosen from destiny to face the evil within. Your fate is tied intimately with what lies at its depths. Will you bring salvation to the forlorn hopefuls of Salidar? Or will you unleash destruction, whether by design or disaster? It is in your hands....

Hellion is best described as a cross between Dragon Warrior, Diablo and D&D - you have a blank slate character with 7 classes to choose from at the beginning of the game. You adventure solo. You can hire hirelings. The monster drops are random. The graphics are NES. The battles backgrounds are black. There are traps. There are locks to be picked and NPCs to be persuaded.

..:: FEATURES ::..
- Dragon Warrior NES-style theme
- Several outside of battle skills, including lockpicking, hiding, running, pickpocketing and persuading.
- A simple Alignment tracking system
- Random monster drops and chest contents
- On-map traps and monsters
- Unique Skill trees for the 7 character classes
- Fatigue-based Running System

Latest Blog

Hellion: Rad Sunglasses mappack

Here is the mappack for Hellion with the XTREME LFX content! Download the rar file and unzip the contents of the rar file and copy it into the Hellion folder, overwriting what's there. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Thanks to:
AznChipmunk for the cool looking level.
geodude for rad sunglasses and map idea
GreatRedSpirit for the darkness code and image.
kentona for putting it all together and making another rocking arrow tile puzzle (booyah)
hyadain for his awesome DQ3 remix

To access the Rad Sunglasses map go to the pool in the lower right section of Salidar and inspect the waterfall. There is an inscription that you need to decipher and the way to Rad Sunglasses castle will be unlocked.

DOWNLOAD: http://rpgmaker.net/games/146/downloads/1605/
(when it's approved) "Your submission, Hellion Rad Sunglasses Mappack, was accepted and is now available."


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I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Totally gonna download this when I get home.
Cool. I will give it a whirl and let you know what I think bro.
Awsome. This is a great game, Kentona, and I'm glad you made it. Know when you might have more completed?
I'm hoping to start work up on it again sometime in December. I've worked a total of 17 days on the project and I feel that I can pump out the rest of the game in short order. Maybe by New Years...?
This is great. Cant wait until its completed!
great great game. haven't finished it yet...
I love the cool features.
wow, love the look of this game brother, and great features
I love the style of the game, mate. Great game.
This comment is important and must not be ignored!
You need to put the RTP in the download for thoose like me whom do not have
RPG Maker 2003, i just tried to download it and i can't because i don't have RM2003
so can you please, please, please put the RTP in the main download PLEASE, I MUST
I'll make an RTP-inclusive download for Release Something IV, Sept. 22nd.
you said you would put the RTP up for this game, on 22nd, today is the 22nd but there
is no RTP, please, please, please put the RTP up for THIS game.
P L E A S E.
Cut me a little slack! It's only 9 in the morning. It's up now.
oops sorry i forgot about the fact the it is a diferent time in some places,
where i was it was 3pm
RPGFan, you seem to get around, don't you? Ha ha. But I'm glad that you managed to find Hellion! That and Hero's Realm. If you've liked Dragon Fantasy, then you'd love Hero's Realm.

Ah. Well, this is no place for that! We must discuss HELLION! But there is not all that much I can say. I just hope that--in the future--this game will see completion! It's a great game with many little things that makes you want to come back for more.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
I adore how you've set up this gamepage.
Guess who just mauled the Butcher? Huh? Guess.

He couldn't even touch my level 8 Kensai. No seriously. I had like, 200 defense and the only time he did damage was when he used Cleave at the beginning of the battle. It wiped out everyone else, but Ernie pulled through.
BTW, that glitch you warned me about is NOT why I have 200 DEF. I just have some kick-arse armor, and on top of that, Kensai's are built like a brick wall.

Anyway, I will need to grind MUCH more to beat him as my other guy.
-> Gonna go do that soon. :)

Enjoying the game,
There's a pretty serious (as in game ending) bug in the game. Basically it occurs in the caverns. The vertical swamp bridges are impassable so if you enter the ice area your game is basically finished (since your boat will disappear back to the docks once this happens) I managed to work my way all the way to the second magic door in a desperate attempt to find a teleportal back to the surface but instead I was met with the realization that I was expected to backtrack the old fashioned way, which was impossible due to the impassable vertical swamp bridges, so that was basically the end of the road for me (definately somthing you are going to want to address, Kent)

Anyway I think I've played enough of this game to give a well thought out review so expect one of those soon when I get the time
I noticed that bug too and thought I had fixed it before the release. Oh well. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.
I'm just saying...

Kentona makes some good games. =)
I have so many STORIES . I would like to be a part OF OR give my IDEAS on RPG making or upgrading.
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