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There is something strange going on at the old temple in the remote village of Salidar. You are the Mysterious Wanderer - a warrior chosen from destiny to face the evil within. Your fate is tied intimately with what lies at its depths. Will you bring salvation to the forlorn hopefuls of Salidar? Or will you unleash destruction, whether by design or disaster? It is in your hands....

Hellion is best described as a cross between Dragon Warrior, Diablo and D&D - you have a blank slate character with 7 classes to choose from at the beginning of the game. You adventure solo. You can hire hirelings. The monster drops are random. The graphics are NES. The battles backgrounds are black. There are traps. There are locks to be picked and NPCs to be persuaded.

..:: FEATURES ::..
- Dragon Warrior NES-style theme
- Several outside of battle skills, including lockpicking, hiding, running, pickpocketing and persuading.
- A simple Alignment tracking system
- Random monster drops and chest contents
- On-map traps and monsters
- Unique Skill trees for the 7 character classes
- Fatigue-based Running System

Latest Blog

Hellion: Rad Sunglasses mappack

Here is the mappack for Hellion with the XTREME LFX content! Download the rar file and unzip the contents of the rar file and copy it into the Hellion folder, overwriting what's there. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Thanks to:
AznChipmunk for the cool looking level.
geodude for rad sunglasses and map idea
GreatRedSpirit for the darkness code and image.
kentona for putting it all together and making another rocking arrow tile puzzle (booyah)
hyadain for his awesome DQ3 remix

To access the Rad Sunglasses map go to the pool in the lower right section of Salidar and inspect the waterfall. There is an inscription that you need to decipher and the way to Rad Sunglasses castle will be unlocked.

DOWNLOAD: http://rpgmaker.net/games/146/downloads/1605/
(when it's approved) "Your submission, Hellion Rad Sunglasses Mappack, was accepted and is now available."


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I played the demo a long time ago, finally around to the full version...

I see somebody in 2010 commented that the Kensai's Fightx3 isn't working. And here I am in 2014 with the same sad state of affairs.
Go figure. A game that hasn't been updated since 2009 is still not updated.
I thought the Date Updated was much more recent than that, but I guess you posting here counts as an update. Oh well. Pretty great game regardless, you can rest on your laurels.
I thought the Date Updated was much more recent than that, but I guess you posting here counts as an update. Oh well. Pretty great game regardless, you can rest on your laurels.
Judging by the number of significant releases since this game, I certainly have...


Date Updated means the last date the gameprofile had something posted against it, including topics. Kind of misleading I suppose...

There is a last updated date on the Downloads page for all of the downloads, though.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
I just started the game 15 minutes ago, I have a question:

Are the people you recruit permanent characters? Because I'm afraid I've chosen terribly.

edit: nevermind
They are not. You can remove them manually, or sometimes they leave the party of their own volition.
When i try to download it and open it goes to a notepad i want to try this game but that makes it impossible to start
Do you have WinRAR or 7zip? the download is in a .rar format because I was "cool" and "geeky" back in 2009, and standard Windows won't open that. You need to find and install 7zip (free!) to unpack the file.

I am still cool and geeky now, but I was back then too. Only now I know better to pack my files in anything but .zip
Thanks Kentona now i can play this game and so far i like it.
P.S The Darkbolt Spell = death.
sweet. I am glad you're enjoying it!
Word on the street is, this game's pretty good. I think I'll play it.

P.S. The images aren't loading for some reason.

e: I stayed up super late playing this. It's too addicting >.>
Gotta get dem OOBS
I'm playing as a Warlock and I don't get something. What's the advantage of using summons over regular party members? I'm still early on the game so I might be missing something (only have the skeleton one so far).
There is none. The summons are garbage. Just focus on his spells like Poison Nova and Bone Spear.
Did anybody even playtest this?
So I'm playing Hellion and have barely made it past the Butcher at level 10. I was about to ask how you kill him but . . . instead of that, I'll just ask for some tips on how to kill him in the future?
it's been like 7 years since I last played this. What class were you?
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