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SHIFT: toggle run
1: Skills menu
2: Abilities menu
3: Alignment menu
4: open all chests in inventory
5: attempt to decipher all scrolls in inventory
9: search underfoot
0: toggle hide

Walkthrough for the floor 11 ice sliding puzzles
...the tougher ones, at least.

Q. Where is Roric's Signet, to unlock the door on Floor 12?
A. Search underfoot in Reia's room where Reia was standing.

Listed in an Indie Game of the Day list at GameFAQs :o


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How do I put the game in windowed mode because I cant read the letters for fullscreen?

And thanks in advance :)
Alt+enter but if the font is unreadable try installing the FF6.fon file Thats included (iirc). Or try installing the Rm2k3 font fix from our Development > Utilities section. Let me know how it goes!
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