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Let's Survive "Hellion" with Facesforce

Hello everyone, and this is my second Let's Play from me, the infamous Facesforce.
It will be uploaded in 30 minute recording sessions, featuring that classic idiocy that comes along with my Let's plays. For my second Let's Play, I have gotten much better with the microphone, but I still fail at sony vegas. Oh, and possible guest episodes in the future! Yay for 30 minute episodes!

Well, Hellion is a dungeon crawler, one that takes notes from DnD and Diablo, and it has actually been described as a "Diablo Warrior" game. Personally, I could not care less, as all I want to do is get to the grind. But instead, watch me suck at ice puzzles, spoil secrets in the expansion DLC and finally enter the dungeon with my lovable Mindfreak. Will we emerge alive?! Tune in into HELLION with Facesforce!

2013 UPDATE: In a alternate world line, where my old computer has died and moved on, I have returned to finish the cause and rebegin this game. No more lag, no more drag; Welcome back to the world of Hellion with Facesforce.

WARNING: Strong Language, Spoilers, and general idiocy!

PART 1: I suck at Ice Puzzles

(Star Wars pun)

PART 3: What a twist! Level One clear!

PART 4: Five Videos! We go deeper!

PART 5: Damn you Cristo!

PART 6: "Laziness Insurance Policies!"

PART 7: No Delay!


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And I was like "DAMN IT! Where is the way that I can get out? How can I solve this ice puzzle!"
I was like "Go out onto the jut and GO SOUTH! GAH! Why aren't you doing that?? It's the only way you haven't tried!!!"
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