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..:: Outside-of-Battle-Skillsets (OOBS) ::..

OOBS, or outside-of-battle-skillset, is just some generic term I came up with for the skills and abilities that you use outside of a battle environment.

Your outside-of-battle-skillset includes the following actions your avatar can make outside of battle:

Detect Traps
Detect Hidden Monsters
Detect Hidden Doors
Disarm Traps
Unlock Doors
Unlock Chests
Pickpocket from NPCs
Pickpocket from Monsters
Preemptive Attack on monsters
Persuade NPCs
Find hidden treasure
Forage monster remains
Decipher Scrolls
Decipher Runes

The success rate and effectiveness of your OOBS are determined using your current level in ability points. Abilities are capped at 31 (+ class bonuses). Upon leveling up, you receive more Ability Points to distribute - how many you get depends on class. The abilities that you can beef up your character with are:

Lockpick - used to determine your success in picking locks on locked doors and chests.

Disarm Traps - used to determine your success in disarming detected traps without setting it off and taking damage.

Hide - used to determine the effectiveness of your Hide skill. While hidden, you can pickpocket NPCs or monsters, or begin a preemptive attack on monsters.

Pickpocket - used to determine the success or failure of pickpocketing both NPCs and monsters. Failure results in being sent to jail (NPC) or a Backattack battle (monster)

Bash - used to bash locked doors, chests and traps when lockpicking or disarm traps fails. Bashing doors results in taking some damage, while bashing locked chests may result in destroying the item inside. Bashing traps may destroy the trap without taking damage or only taking 1/2 damage.

Decipher - used to decipher scrolls (which in turn allow you to cast a spell one time) and read runes. Some doors are locked using magic runes.

Persuade - used in conversation with NPCs. This may result in a reduced price for goods and services, or progression in story arcs, or increased rewards for quests.

Stamina - used to increase your stamina bar, which drains when your are running or hiding.

Detection - used to detect hidden things such as traps, monsters, treasure, and doors (and a certain Hireling!)

Forage - used to improve the success rate of scavenging the remains of defeated monsters. All monsters have drops, but only a high forage skill will allow you to capitalize on that.