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Hellion Review

Ah, this game takes me back to the old NES days, very retro, very cool!

Anyways, This game seems to take the very basic, hero appears and prepares to save the day type of opening, though I can't see any other working for this style of game so I'll over look it.

The graphics are very basic, very few colors. While today thats ugly to very many some of us oldschool gamers don't mind it because we grew up on games that looked like this. However one thing I disliked was the use of RTP animations, while I don't know if they actually display in the game, they were in the graphics folders. Never mix NES graphics with RM2k3 RTP graphics, they clash like you wouldn't believe.

As for the music, not bad, what you'd expect from an NES looking styled game. Once again very retro and very suiting. Not much else needs to be said however, I suggest maybe increasing the sound effects a bit or decrease the music? I could barely hear them over the music.

Last but not least, with the only class available in the game it seemed a little to easy to play, the rogue could get almost anywhere if you tried long and hard enough or could merely survive. I found it far to easy to get overly godly like weapons and armor thus making me invincible against the low leveled enemies, perhaps this should be looked into.

All in all, this game is well done, very retro but has a few minor things that should be looked into by the next demo or whatever else is planned. Keep up the good work!


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hey, did this review just get bumped up to 4 stars? I could have sworn it was at 3.5...
there was a really short and crappy noob review (as in like 5 sentences) that was deleted

it may have given you 3 stars or somthing
Ah. That makes sense.
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