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Allinlia is a game that mixes humor and an overall light and cartoony style and feel with more serious themes and character development but there are sure to be a whole lot of jokes, goofy characters, and amusing dialogue exchanges. Allinlia uses regular old turned based front view, made a bit more fancy with the yanfly scripts. There are also NO RANDOM BATTLES

A former husband and wife crime duo, who just happen to be the last surviving members of an ancient army of rogue thugs with powerful magical abilities, have decided one night to finish what this dark army started and take over the Allinlian Empire. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned and the bad guy was sealed inside an ancient artifact. His wife ran off with it and has been trying to build up enough power to break the spell and free her husband.

Now, seven year later, she is getting really close to doing just that. Take on the role of a child sorceror, a brutish thug, a meek chef, and a conviving goblin as they travel to the darkest corners of Allinlia in order to retrieve the 8 magical artifacts that the god Cael left in the mortal world so that if Allinia ever fell into such danger, the right group of do-gooders could come along and save the day (hopefully)

and while the mortals enter thier struggle on the ground, two gods high above are making plans and lining thier forces up for a final confrontation to decide the fate of Allinlia once and for all.

However, there is a secret that one man is keeping about that night 7 years ago that could change everything...

Some Game features
- scan enemies in order to see thier HP/MP state resistences, element strengths and weaknesses and a list of thier skills, this information can be accessed any time during battle using the shift button

-A complete checklist of scanned enemies that can be viewed from the menu

-Travel to 8 exotic and dangerous locales in order to find the artifacts (each of which will aide you in battle) and fight the 8 wacky bosses who guard them, each with thier own distinctive personality and attack style


-A great sense of humor

-A wide array of non RTP standard targeting options and status effects keep skills interesting for both you and your enemies

-no random encounters also means no grinding ya know ;)

Latest Blog

intro undergoing some changes

i decided that the difficulty of the intro is unacceptable, I have never had a problem with it during tests but i shouldn't expect everyone to play in the exact same way I do and I do not intend to make a "challenging" game anyway so I'll be looking into ways to make the battles here more reasonable

a very slight nerf to enemy basic attk power, a way to insta heal at the start of the first monster area, and a few automatic starting items are things i will probably implement

the difficulty comes from not searching the starting town for all the free loot and/or trying to engage in multiple encounters without healing up like you can do in most other rpgs that are more grind oriented. (the fights here should be thought of more as just a bunch of wannabe boss battles) I'm gonna work to make the game more forgiving if players do not do these things, especially at the start

i also went to the store and got these cheeto things called "puffcorn" which were basically cheeto lumps that were supposed to be like popcorn. I really liked them because they tasted EXACTLY like "Jax" brand, a far superior cheese curls snack that you can only find around new england
  • Production
  • Yoshio
  • RPG Maker VX
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  • 09/22/2009 12:42 AM
  • 12/19/2011 05:44 PM
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Wooo, I'm excited.
Keep the work up!
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
I intend to reinstall VX to play this.
I included the RTP data, which is why the download is so fuckin' big
I downloaded this, and even though it was just the opening (and a sexy Robotnik picture at the end, got me randy), I liked it. It did a really nice job of presenting the style of the game and what to expect. The dialogue is true to its word, quirky, but mixed in with some heavier stuff as well. I want to see how the rest of the game plays itself out from here on in, so I think I'll go ahead and subscribe myself to this!

One thing I noticed though that I wanted to tell you, there's some overlapping issues in the main palace hallway with all the dead bodies. Sometimes the characters appear to walk 'under' the dead bodies as opposed to stepping over them. Small thing, but hey, wanted to give you a heads up on it!

Keep on at it, man.
That is a problem and it is annoying. I thought at first that there was nothing I could do to fix it, Now I got the idea to play around with the events' 'layering' and see if that has an effect on whether the player does what he is supposed to do (walk over the damn thing) But there is the possibility that NPC events (like Aison) will always be forced to walk under them since they are both events.

Thanks for the feedback on this, I'll probably try to do some serious work on it over the wekend and get closer to a playable demo
Man this game looks great, I'm also getting VX again to play. Can't wait for this.
um, you don't need VX to download the opener

I included the RTP in the download so it should work without VX
Yeah if you release another demo I'll download it, give it a spin, and tell you what I think.
Thanks Yoshio, I had no idea. Good thing you told me before I did download it.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I've played the demo you have currently. You have a good start with this game, though there are many things that can be fixed.

Check on spelling and grammar, and please use actual words. It's spelled "'Kay" not "K". Don't be afraid of putting the rest of your text, if it's too long for the limited message size, on another window. Also, please avoid using chat symbols, like in the scene where the father of the main hero is in the room of the baby prince and the baby says ":D !!!". You want your game to look at least somewhat professional to viewers, and not something crapped up by a 13-year old. You could use something like "Goo-goo!" or "*babbles*" in place of emoticons, or maybe don't have a message box for the baby at all. You could use emote balloons or baby-like sound effects.

All other issues I have with this game was already addressed by Feldschlacht. You've got something interesting here, so keep at it.
Nastasia from SPM used "K" so there's precedent there, My spelling and grammar do need work and I'll get someone to go in there and lay out exactly what I need to fix soon. The emotes are somthing I will use with the rare few characters that do not talk but are supposed to be cute (like the baby) This is another stylistic choice on my part, yes it takes some seriousness and professionality out of the game but that is sort of what I'm going for so its ok, Mario RPGs and Mother played around with text all the time for comedic effect so that's basically what I am doing too, most RM games take themselves ultra seriously when they have complex backstory and characters like this game does so I can expect people to not expect dialogue like what I presented here, and be a little taken aback. Sirry to be so "no u" about this but its really just a matter of the game's srtyle, and bowing to alot of these conerns would kill it in favior of more normalized, dry writung which is really not what I want for this particular project.

the exception being the spelling and grammar mistakes which are jst a weak point for me that I do need to fix

thanks for downloading, posting some good feedback though :)
I played it for 5 minutes and then it ended???
the demo is just a teaser that shows the game's opening
It spent me ages to download it!!! :(
its because all the game's music is already imported in

I have got to find a way to get the parts of the RTP I am not using outta there
I agree. How long do you reckon it will take for the next demo??? I can't wait to play it! : )
at least a month

most likely more
um...there's a really wierd error with my latest blog entries, and I can't delete all the extra ones (I get the same error when I try). Included what it said in the main description but try to bear with the mess this has caused till an admin sorts it out (I didn't spam up blogs on purpose. I know that sounds like somthing but it was this error, and I'd have them all removed if the site would let me delete them
By the way, you want to make sure that you achieve that careful balance of lightheartedness and quality. It's easy to unknowingly sacrifice quality because 'it's not serious in the first place'. For an excellent example of quality and lightheartedness, pay attention to games like Earthbound.
I totally get what you are saying here. I am striving to create the best dang game that it is in my ability to create. Just because the game isn't serious doesn't mean that I don'[t take it seriously
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