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In the game you play as inspector Harris. Also known as Blue. Blue is a cybercop that deals with crime
committed in cyberspace and this is one of his cases that happen every now and then.

The game was originally made for the 2 weeks and 5 minutes gamemaking contest at Gaming World. It was made in Adventure Game Studio (version 2.72). It's a short game (5 minutes) but does contain a little replayability.

Read the first blog about the game for more background information on how the game was made and it's development.

Then after playing the game you can read the second blog that talks about some of the story aspects (mainly names and where they all came from).

Latest Blog

More random tidbits

I guess I should just get everything I can out there while I still remember and still feel sort of re-interested in the game.

This part will contain spoilers since I'm going to write about different characters in the game. Often while trying to come up with names I go for the colouring route. Naming characters by colours is fairly simple and can often give interesting results. This project is not the for (nor the last) where I've toyed with different colours for character names.

For example (spoilers for the solution/ending of the game) the two "guilty" characters in this game are Redd and Greene. In the early clues you get information about A. Orange who is the cover name for the guilty person. This again points to both Redd and Greene. Redd and Orange are two colours closely related (and there's no Yellow anywhere that would be as related) while Greene has a pulsating orangey colour in the graphic that is him.

The other colours in the game are fairly obvious picks. Gray for the bot-like guard. Brown for the worker class. White for the scientist. Black (with a streak of red) for the "cool" guy. Blue for the police. Also using Red as a prostitute/escort is classic and using Green for an addict/activist is a combination of green party and the fact that grass is green.

I do not remember why triTek was chosen as a name but DynastyCorp is actually named after dynastynet. The network RMN's IRC channel is on (I thought at the time it would be an obscure enough reference since the RM channels on dynastynet were pretty dead at the time)

The Red District was originally supposed to play a bigger role. Greene stands close to it and he was going to escape into it at some point during the game. (thus failing the game or being forced to admit Redd is the guilty party)

Kellogg ja Hurjat Miehet is Finnish. Kellogg is obviously a reference to that cereal brand but actually the combination of Kellogg and Finnish is from an obscure piece of music I found on some free mp3-site a long time ago.
"Kelloggggs kaupunki ja isot pileet" it's a horribly bad 30 second techno track made by some kids in a basement but the title is just too good to pass up. Thus it became the inspiration for the code-named stolen file.

I guess that's about all the information there is to share about the game. There's more stuff in here than there is in the actual game :) And I'm sure no one is actually interested in the thoughts behind development of certain games, but I tend to be interested in every single choice a developer makes (I listen to director's commentaries on DVDs) and I thought I'd share what I did as well.
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  • 09/26/2009 05:34 AM
  • 09/06/2011 12:31 PM
  • 09/26/2009
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Heh I remember you showing me a screenshot of this way back. downloadin
This seems pretty down to basics. going to dl it tonight.
Interesting. I think I'll give this a roll.
I finished this! I liked it, and now that I think about it, it would cool as shit if you managed to pull off some sort of full game Shadowrun type thing with the idea.

So there are two endings you say?
Yes. Two different people are guilty depending on how investigative you are.
This isn't bad for such a short development cycle, actually.
Hey I finally got around to playing this and liked it! It was pretty cool how there were all these noir archetypes who were recontextualised for the cyberspace stuff, like the online junkie and call girl etc. I would have liked more stuff in this vein. The wiki thing on the terminal was pretty funny too.
Incidentally I only played it once but ended up arresting Greene. I have no idea if this was the more investigative ending or not, though!
I don't understand the multiple endings thing. I got Greene, but I didn't choose anything at any time. How could I have gotten another suspect?
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