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Magus Magus is a multiplayer fighting video game with shooting video game
The game focuses more on long-range attack rather than a close combat like other
fighting games. The play controls are also greatly simplified in comparison to other
fighting games. The game area resembles an arena shooting game, which allow
player to roam around the area freely in all 8 directions.
The game also feature bullet hell elements from bullet hell/curtain fire shooting
games. This ranges from a barrage attack to a special move that turn a character
into a shooting game boss, with the player be able to control the attack pattern.
The game can be played with as many as 4 players at a time, make it suitable for a
light party game. However, the game mechanic is also designed to be deep
enough for hardcore gamers to enjoy.


In the future, a super smart dust called 'Magia Dust' was invented. The devices
have an ability to control the natural world within their range, which resembles
something people in the past used to call ‘magic'.
Over the time the art of fighting with Magia, a magic created from Magia Dust,
becomes the world's most popular sport called "Magus Battle".
The story starts with a rumor of a secret Magus Battle Tournament with a prize
being ‘one wish will be granted' has been spread around the world. After all the
elimination rounds, only 8 Magus were able to go on to the next round, which will
be held on an island, far far away. The real tournament has just begun.



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  • 10/03/2009 01:23 PM
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can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
This looks superb. Hope to see it soon (now).
Yeah this looks really interesting. Don't suppose by multiplayer, you mean across the internet, do you?
I have a plan for that but right now I want to make the offline version work fisrt. Network programming is something I'm not really good at so I'll study more about that later and make a patch or something :D
This game makes me cry...
Tears of joy...
This is awesome in every sense of the word.
Gee, this sure looks a lot like Touhou. If it is, I'll be looking forward to it!
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
hima, network for this might be a huge pain. Latency is a fickle beast you have to code around, so you might want to look into latency compensation techniques.

Looks totally rad, also.
WIP, I thought so too...what about LAN? Would it be easier if it's just LAN network?
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Yeah seriously. How's this coming along? Posting a blog every now and then would be pretty cool.
Piti and me were working on a project for HBGame contest so this game was on hold for a while X(

But not that I'm graduated, I'm sure I'll have more time and will get back on working on this game soon. :D
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Can a brother get an update?
Sorry for haven't been here for like forever! The game is still being developed!

It's kinda slow because I am now also making games for a company. So I have to finish those first :(

As for Magus Magus, I'm switching the scripting language that the engine use from AngelScript to Falcon. This is because Falcon is much more suitable for writing an application and it seems easier to embed. Or maybe I should just use Unity3D? D:
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