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This is a project focused primarily on plot. It follows the life of the main character, Linus, from boyhood to adulthood. In truth, this is more of a character study than a traditional rpg storyline. There are no crystals to collect, no damsels to save, and no great evil to vanquish. It is simply a chronicle of the life of one person and the world that he lives in.

(If you couldn't tell, I am terrible at summaries.)

- Sideview battle system.
- A realistic, dramatic storyline with a cast of nuanced characters.
- Lengthy and involved optional sidequests which enhance the storyline of the main plot.
- Custom soundtrack

Latest Blog

Blue is the Warmest Blogger

Lately I've been thinking a lot about subject matter. Are certain subjects too beyond the pale for 2d rpg videogames? You don't see stories about sexuality or mental health in Final Fantasy really. would it be interesting? would it reach people? would it be melodramatic and silly? i don't know. but these are important subjects to me and it would feel unnatural not to explore them in this game.

I've been very tired and depressed lately. both my creativy and energy have pretty much cratered this past month. writing one line of dialogue is enough to make me go "fuck this i need to go outside." that being the case i doubt i'll have the demo out by the May deadline i set for myself a few months ago. There is sooo much to do. But, I know how this trashfire brain of mine works. This will all pass! Eventually i'll rediscover my love for this thing and i'll be back on the machine.

in brighter news I finished a new area a little while ago. it's a refugee caravan made up of kids and old folks-- basically people who weren't drafted into the Aternellan army. You come here during the beginning of Capitulo 1, in a segment where you control Leigh and are traipsing through the countryside with Akiva and Konstantin. It's the first map in the game where the player sees actual sunshine and I think it looks really pretty. It's also a nice change of pace from all the horribleness that happens at the end of the prologue, so there's that too.

i'm a big fan of this grumpy little girl who sells you stuff at a 200% markup. she's great!

That is all. good day.
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  • 10/09/2009 10:26 PM
  • 03/31/2018 12:51 PM
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Huh, this is one of the better looking VX games.
yeah, this doesn't look bad.
I agree, looks pretty good. Good job : )
Downloading. Expect a review in a few days. Maybe a few hours depending on the quality/length.
^Thanks! I'm looking forward to it.
so this game looks pretty awesome, but i can't see the text for some reason. the dialogue boxes are all blank. anyone else have this problem? i'm new to the rpgmaker programs, so if i'm doing something wrong please let me know. thanks.
I've been excited for this game ever since I seen it over at rmrk, I can't wait to play this when it's finished :X
Lazygamer, the fonts are included in the game file. You have to copy and paste them to your font folder in order to see the text in game. They are the cambria fonts.

Arky, thanks a lot man! It will be a long while till it's finished. But I'm working at it non-stop and making some pretty good progress.
If this is your first game then you are a legend! I played it and, well I have to say it is one of the best games I have ever played.
hey, just stopping in to sing you some praises. this game is great so far. i actually played the demo twice, just so i could take some notes the second time. not that it was a hassle, though--the story was engaging enough to keep me rapt both times. my only gripe is the lack of player-interaction, but i get that this is an "intro" sort of thing, so i guess i can't complain too much. as long as it becomes a little more "game-like" in the future, if that makes any sense. but so far this is better than any final fantasy or dragon warrior i've ever played. so yeah, keep them coming, cause i'm hooked.
Oh my. Thanks so much for that comment. And yes, i wholeheartedly agree about the cutscene overkill in the demo. I am doing as much as possible to make the game a lot more interactive in the first chapter and beyond. The problem is (and I stated this before) is that the main storyline can't really go on without the events that happen in the prologue. And those events unfortunately don't offer much in the way of gameplay.

Anyway, the full demo (which is being worked on at this very moment) will feature the full prologue and the entirety of the first chapter. It will have actual gameplay and player-driven choices/sidequests/meaningful battles/ect.

So yeah. Once again, thanks for playing the demo!

Also: These notes you took. Were you planning on writing a review or anything along those lines? Either way, I'm interested in knowing what you took out of the present storyline.

Oh, no, I wasn't really planning on writing a review (though maybe I will when the full demo comes out?). I just like to take notes if a game has an involved/interesting storyline, because my memory isn't the greatest in the world. And I thought the story was very good, pretty realistic, and presented well. You have interesting characters, and a deep plot told primarily through action. Excellent. Just take your time and don't get sloppy. I have high hopes for this game.
The game looks cool but I dont think the chibi charsets fit with the faceset man.
Just an update.

I added a video section along with a video containing a short preview of the nest demo. The video also includes a rough-draft (but still good) of a song that will be featured in the game's soundtrack.
God that last message's grammar/spelling were terrible :(. Apologies.
That video is awesome. Keep up the hard work.
Thanks Captainregal!


Speaking of videos, I uploaded another one. This one also features music composed by Joerao. It can be found in the videos section. Or if you're lazy, you can click on the link below.


I have a new video for you guys.

Chapter I : Etonmarch

These are first five minutes of the upcoming Chapter I demo. I know it doesn't show much, but I figured those who are interested in this project would like a bit of a sneak peek. The music for this particular video is all placeholder for the moment.

really liking the videos so far. can't wait to play the demo.
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