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This is a project focused primarily on plot. It follows the life of the main character, Linus, from boyhood to adulthood. In truth, this is more of a character study than a traditional rpg storyline. There are no crystals to collect, no damsels to save, and no great evil to vanquish. It is simply a chronicle of the life of one person and the world that he lives in.

(If you couldn't tell, I am terrible at summaries.)

- Sideview battle system.
- A realistic, dramatic storyline with a cast of nuanced characters.
- Lengthy and involved optional sidequests which enhance the storyline of the main plot.
- Custom soundtrack

Latest Blog

Upward over the Mountain


It's been a minute!

Just thought I'd post a bit of an update since it's been so long. I won't beat around the bush, progress has gone sloow since the last update. I know I made some vague promises about a new demo being released at the end of the year, but nope! Those hopes were firmly dashed against the rocks of laziness and apathy and the Good Ship Linus has been sorta... lost in a sludgy sea of malaise and general "I don't care!" for the past few months. Not to worry of course, I always do bounce back and have periods where I work on the game obsessively. Just gotta wait till inspiration strikes again. It'll happen eventually!

So, progress has been pretty slow, but this blog doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. I've decided to talk about a feature I've been hinting at for a while, and I'm super excited to announce what it is now that I know I can actually implement it.

To start off, I should let you know that Linus, the character, isn't the main hero/protagonist of this game. The game is named after him for REASONS, but he isn't controllable in any way. No, instead of you controlling him, the game itself is in control of Linus. All of his choices in the story -- from him deciding whether or not he wants to get out of bed on a certain day, to him being mean and or friendly to you the player, to him deciding what other NPCs he wants to grow close to, are governed by a pretty complicated "AI system" I've created. Using variables, the game will develop certain personality traits in Linus, all depending on a large number of seemingly inconsequential dialogue options he can make throughout the game. His choices at the start will be random, but with each choice he makes, certain traits will become more and more pronounced until the game leads him down a specific "personality path". The goal is to make Linus a unique character who makes his own choices independent of the player, which is an idea I fell in love with and decided to implement. This will result in the game having some pretty different storyline routes and a *shit ton* of writing. But thankfully, that's what I love doing the most. It's the other stuff that's boring. :p

To close this off, I've posted a new video showing some gameplay from later in the game. The "Linus AI" can be seen here, as the dialogue choice he makes in this video is controlled by the game itself, and not the player. Let me know what you guys think!

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  • 10/09/2009 10:26 PM
  • 05/07/2019 09:32 AM
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Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
This looks really good. I just got a PM from its creator saying that he heard I had trouble playing this. I have no recollection of that...was this a brilliant marketing ploy or am I just going senile?
Just played the demo and I must say I'm very impressed. Although the demo was quite short and involved little game play, it was still worth the playtrough. The atmosphere in this game is incredible. The moment the player steps into the pub from the storm outside they really feel like they've just come in out of the storm. The music is also wonderfully appropriate and all blends very well. This game is looking very professional so far. Nice job.
The story looks amazing, I can't tell yet cause I only started playing the demo. The quality of the maps... Amazing. I have a problem though, It is too laggy; Obviously my computer can run it. Do you have any idea how to solve the lags problem? Can't enjoy a game like this.


Edit: I managed to ignore the lags and finished the demo. It's really short, can't see where this is going. The game is interesting, hope the full version will be out soon.
Well, honestly, I'm not sure what to tell you. I have a lag reducing script and the lag is a lot better than it was without it. I haven't really had any complaints about lag though, so it's not really a huge concern of mine at the moment.

Thanks for playing though, and I'm sorry about your lag problem. :(

I added two new tracks to the Linus OST Youtube Channel. Please listen and tell us what you think.

"The Saviour (Teign's Theme)"

"One For Sorrow"
I like the two tracks you posted here, Teign's Theme more than the sorrow one! Very soothing and calm music.

I will say they sound an awful lot alike, though. Same key, just about the same tempo... to see what I mean, try playing them both at once in individual tabs.
Well, they use the same character motif, so they start off sounding similar. Thanks for listening!
This is. . . My favorite game on this site. Can't wait for it to be finished!
Really liking the looks of this game. Keep up the good work.
I rarely find good looking RMVX games, but this looks promising... looking forward to playing the demo. Keep it up, hope it gets finished soon :P
Is your project file open,because I'd like see your code?If it is encrypted,then I suppose I'll have to enjoy the game :)
Is your project file open,because I'd like see your code?If it is encrypted,then I suppose I'll have to enjoy the game :)

Uhh, you're meant to enjoy the game. ^_^
I don't know why you'd want to see my "code". There's nothing really special there.
Okay, I'm sorry if this makes me sound like a jerk, but "it's" means "it is." To show possession you use "its." Like, "The war has taken its toll."
The grammar police have spoken.

Otherwise I really like your game. :D
I can tell you've really put a lot of work into it and it's amazing.
So I started playing the demo and was really enjoying it, but then when I load up my saved game, it gives me this error. Is it just me? I would try restarting from the beginning, but I kinda don't wanna wait through the intro again if I'll just run into the same problem, haha...
Can somebody say, what's name of font in this game. Cos I can't read any dialog without font. Thanks. Just name of font pls.
@Fanatik - The font comes within the folder. It's called "Cambria".

@Kyojiry - Yeah. It's a bit embarrassing, but I only just figured that out after a lot of people corrected me on it. Unfortunately, I'm not 100% with English grammar and punctuation yet. Thanks for the kind words!
Gah, I wanna play more of this so badly...
When will it be possible to play more? D: