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This is a project focused primarily on plot. It follows the life of the main character, Linus, from boyhood to adulthood. In truth, this is more of a character study than a traditional rpg storyline. There are no crystals to collect, no damsels to save, and no great evil to vanquish. It is simply a chronicle of the life of one person and the world that he lives in.

(If you couldn't tell, I am terrible at summaries.)

- Sideview battle system.
- A realistic, dramatic storyline with a cast of nuanced characters.
- Lengthy and involved optional sidequests which enhance the storyline of the main plot.
- Custom soundtrack

Latest Blog

Upward over the Mountain


It's been a minute!

Just thought I'd post a bit of an update since it's been so long. I won't beat around the bush, progress has gone sloow since the last update. I know I made some vague promises about a new demo being released at the end of the year, but nope! Those hopes were firmly dashed against the rocks of laziness and apathy and the Good Ship Linus has been sorta... lost in a sludgy sea of malaise and general "I don't care!" for the past few months. Not to worry of course, I always do bounce back and have periods where I work on the game obsessively. Just gotta wait till inspiration strikes again. It'll happen eventually!

So, progress has been pretty slow, but this blog doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. I've decided to talk about a feature I've been hinting at for a while, and I'm super excited to announce what it is now that I know I can actually implement it.

To start off, I should let you know that Linus, the character, isn't the main hero/protagonist of this game. The game is named after him for REASONS, but he isn't controllable in any way. No, instead of you controlling him, the game itself is in control of Linus. All of his choices in the story -- from him deciding whether or not he wants to get out of bed on a certain day, to him being mean and or friendly to you the player, to him deciding what other NPCs he wants to grow close to, are governed by a pretty complicated "AI system" I've created. Using variables, the game will develop certain personality traits in Linus, all depending on a large number of seemingly inconsequential dialogue options he can make throughout the game. His choices at the start will be random, but with each choice he makes, certain traits will become more and more pronounced until the game leads him down a specific "personality path". The goal is to make Linus a unique character who makes his own choices independent of the player, which is an idea I fell in love with and decided to implement. This will result in the game having some pretty different storyline routes and a *shit ton* of writing. But thankfully, that's what I love doing the most. It's the other stuff that's boring. :p

To close this off, I've posted a new video showing some gameplay from later in the game. The "Linus AI" can be seen here, as the dialogue choice he makes in this video is controlled by the game itself, and not the player. Let me know what you guys think!

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  • 10/09/2009 10:26 PM
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Thanks for playing the demo, unity! And thanks again for the kind words. I'm actually playing through Luxaren Allure right now and so far I think it's pretty awesome. Loving the humor and the two main characters :).
You're magical to me.
I've finished the demo, and I am completely floored. I'm generally not one for dark stories, but I was completely swept up in the story and the fantastic writing. Everything here is top-notch and polished. I applaud what you've done here. ^_^

I also didn't know what an all-star project this was. Various developers I really respect have contributed to this. This is amazing!
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i see the end you choose makes some sense putting it that way
i was just so bothered because there were many other things they could of done to avoid violence
if it happened simply because they were evil and no other reason it would of been fine tho :3

anyway looking forward to more of the game
at this time im debating on doing a full demo playthru for ma yt channel :3
haven't shared something in over a month
something good and short like 1 hour would be nice tho
as i like to play thru once b4 recording for various reasons
due to this a game that takes about 3 hours to finish becomes 6 XD
assuming recording goes well
Hey shayoko!

First off, thank you so much for playing through the game and letting me know what you thought. I'm glad I seemed to have done a serviceable job in portraying 'the madness of war'. As far as the darker themes go, I chose to set this game in a punishing and brutal world where those kinds of things are a part of daily life for a lot of the people in it. I do understand how having such heavy themes can affect and colour the overall story though, so I am making sure to treat those themes with the weight and seriousness that they deserve if and when they do appear. It's not that they will for sure be a part of the story, as I haven't finished writing the game yet and I only include certain themes if they make sense for the plot and its characters.

About the ending...

I can completely understand your thoughts on it, but there are many reasons why I chose to end the prologue the way I did. The most important one, and the only one that I can comment on due to spoilers, is that Eugene's failed sacrifice is a principle idea that I needed to introduce early in the story. I needed to get across that this is a world where good people die for trying to do good things, that the nobility have all the power, and that it truly is a dark time in a dark place. Linus, the main character, is meant to defy this world and how it operates, and so I believe it to be a fitting way to put all the pieces in place in order for the rest of the story to play out.

In any case, thank you again for taking the time to go through the demo and for writing down your thoughts!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
"not a day goes by that I wish I could work on LINUS every day"
sums up the despair of all developers
they are overworked and lose passion
some of the stories they have shared is insane,legal slavery i swear : /
/ Thoughts on dark themes
that aside dont know how far i am but i am over a hour and a half or so playtime into it and overall its a good game
personally am really sketchy when it comes to rape,torture or slavery as those are the 3 things i hate the most
in some sense it is toned down here so its acceptable/bareable
/ Thoughts on the story setting
ignoring any similar genre/story type games
i like how this portrays war,most of the "soldiers" are really just average people
who are not blood thirsty monsters and want to go home
the suffering they go thru,the acceptance of there fate and losing friends
its a brutal but touching scenario

in reality the leaders should get together and discuss things
why does the other side want to attack?
is what they want reasonable is it better for the people?
is sacrificing thousands of lifes worth "protecting" the society you have established or would there rule be better?
/ Whats important in a game?
on another note story and gameplay are on top for what i want in a game
and as such grammar
quite often i see awkward english,mis spelled words ect
i can understand not using punctuation tho it can help
but at least spelling and the correct words!
it hurts the immersion and should be rechecked after writing a set of dialog!

that said i found nothing,well i think somewhere it was worded awkwardly even considering the times
but that aside good job in this department!
/ Closing
guh i was not supposed to type much :(
i like to save thoughts for when im finished : (

After completing demo
great game highly recommended

Thoughts on ending
i did not like the ending of it at all, it made no sense and rather then sadness i felt anger from stupidity :/
there was no reason for it

he was a deserter basically does not care which side won
he hates his king and was no threat to anyone
...and that girl...come on...theres so many whys with her!
why does someone that could wipe out many enemies follow that guy!
why does she accept being a slave
why does she have no will/ability to make decisions on her own
she should of denied such a stupid order..
but i guess that line of thought is irrelevant when people are doing something as dumb as war :/
That's okay. I will say that the first two reviews are for a version of the game that came out in 2010, and the recent demo is pretty much an entirely different game.

I should probably see if I can get those removed.
I really wanted to review this, but with 3 reviews already and so many games without one... that's just unfair. Still downloading, maybe I'll post some notes.
Really want to play the demo, but i'm affraid that I will really love it anf then will have to wait for the entire game.
author=Max McGee
This is so not even slightly in the visual novel genre. You should really change that one of these days. : P

I do still consider it a visual novel, even with the battle system overhaul. Mostly because it will have a lot of elements of the visual novel genre (i.e 'routes' and the like).
I honestly can't wait for the demo. This is, after all, my favourite ever RM game. And what with bp working on the writing and visuals and Max handling the gameplay ( if I'm not mistaken XD ), well... this game probably will be the last great thing to come from the dying ( or already dead ) VX engine.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
This is so not even slightly in the visual novel genre. You should really change that one of these days. : P
Excellent project !!! I loved the video on Youtube, please keep working on it ! I love this kind of RPG's ! :) Looking forward to it !
Highly unlikely indeed.
For the time being, yes, I'm keeping the Fire Emblem facesets. The ultimate hope however is to have custom facesets down the line. I'm hoping some talented artist will play the game and like it enough to offer their services for free. That's highly unlikely though, so for now, we're going with the FE faces. :p
The game's development is still going strong. And yes, Linus is also my favourite Peanuts character. It's one of the reasons why I named my main character after him. :p
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Damn, this looks amazing! How is this going, is it still in development...? (I love the name Linus by the way, my favorite character from Peanuts.)
there seems to be a bug
after my first save i exited the game and loaded my save file and i got an error on the caterpillar script
Just want to say this game looks fantastic, and I hope to play it someday :)
I have to say, bp, the visuals look absolutely breathtaking so far. I'm glad you're still working on this, even though it is taking forever to get a demo out, :p. But we won't pressure you. Good things come to those who wait ( or who have patience with their projects ). :)