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Blog in an Empty House/The Search For A Battle Coordinator


In this blog you will find an update for the videogame Linus.

I am working hard on it. The next demo will be released sometime in May, 2018. It will feature the game's first four chapters.

In other news, I am currently searching for a battle coordinator to help me implement the game's battles. This would allow me to focus more on writing/mapping/everything else and would speed up the dev process quite a bit. Also, it's fun times working with other people!

If you are interested in helping me with designing and implementing the battles in this game and don't mind doing it for free, let me know. :)

Thank you!


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Always stoked to see you working on Linus. :)

Wish I could help, but unfortunately battles are not my strong point. I'm sure someone awesome will offer to lend a hand.
I'm glad this project is still alive, bp. ^^

While I'm not too confident about my gameplay when it comes to battles, I could offer some advice since 1)I'm not working on any current projects atm and 2) I'd really like to lend you a hand, even if I don't have Ace. ><
I'm excited to hear the news and I almost volunteered, but I've never made a good battle.
I wish I could help, but alas I haven't touched RPG Maker since 2013 or 2014. Lots happening. But still working on LOA's story (in written).
if u think the battles in my ultimate game are cool enough, you can try me. Did I mention I love this game
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