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Preview video for upcoming release


Hello everyone! Here is a preview video for the upcoming demo. It shows off a bit of the dungeon exploration/time-of-day system I've been working on as well as a tiny peek at the Emotions and Conditions status system. The video also tips off that the game will now have *a lot* more choices to make as a player.

There are no battles in this video, owing to the fact that I'm still putting the finishing touches on the game's custom battle system. There will be battles in the next demo release, however. :p

Anyway, enjoy the video! See you on the next release!


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I'm super hyped for this! Can't wait to play. Looks beautiful as always.
This is stunning. I thought I had made something beautiful, but this is seriously next level. Love the sounds effects and BGS you're using, they definitely give that dark, sprawling feel to the world, and your lighting effects are gorgeous. How did you do the water, at that stream where the waterfall flows over the cliff? Wish I could've take parallax mapping tips from you when I got started. And that music is breathtaking! I hope you release a soundtrack! I love listening to that kind of gorgeous, ambient music when I'm programming. Whatever you do, please finish this game. I'll be watching for it.
^Wow, that means a lot! Thanks!

The water is reaally time consuming to make. Basically a lot of layers and parallaxing. One fun thing I do is use one of the default VX Ace sky parallax backgrounds and layer it behind the water, so that it looks like the water is reflecting the clouds. I think it makes it look better!

Also I've seen your game and it looks amazing. Gonna give it a try soon for sure. :)
Ooh, that's a clever technique. Honestly this is inspiring me to start a new project, I've got an idea I've wanted to flesh out for a long time now, and it would work really well as either a visual novel or story-rich game. A lot of the techniques you're using definitely seem fairly time consuming, but are obviously worth the effort, and I don't necessarily think they're beyond my skill set. Hope you don't mind if I take notes on some of your techniques!
That's super flattering, and sure go ahead!
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