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Howling offering some sobering advice to Alanis Russeau.
  • blueperiod
  • Added: 12/14/2014 05:40 AM
  • Last updated: 09/22/2023 09:54 PM


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-cannot begin to describe how hot Howling is-
That's... interesting, Blastfury. I actually didn't set out to make Howling a beautiful or attractive character. Really my goal with her visually was to make a super badass mercenary lady. I guess she can be considered beautiful though, in a "please don't kill me" kind of way. :p
You're magical to me.
I find "badass" to be a totally attractive quality, though, personally XD Badass ladies in full armor are the best <3 ^///^
I completely agree with unity. XD
Well, I guess what I meant was that I didn't purposely make her to be visually beautiful, like a super-attractive Lightning type. I was going more for a plain-Jane kind of look (excusing the red eyes of course :p). But it's cool that people like her design!

Here's what she was supposed to look like when I was using VX-style portraits. :p

Looks awesome still. Those red eyes are mesmerizing
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