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Akiva Sigmund-- war priest and confidant. He'll be taking over the role of Lord Samuel, Teign's best friend from the old demo.
  • blueperiod
  • Added: 12/25/2014 05:38 PM
  • Last updated: 08/04/2020 02:41 AM


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Ha ha. Actually, the mask is kind of a religious thing. Akiva is from House Galbraith, who are kind of like the papal state of the empire and they all wear masks made of bone and pewter as a kind of weird ceremonial thing (they're actually never seen without them on!).

And yes, Akiva is actually a nice enough dude, despite the creepy look. His son, Ilan, will play a big role in the story and will have quite the history with Linus when all is said and done. :p
'twould be awesome though if the head guy from the masked cult with a heavy black-and-blood color scheme actually turned out to be nice and sweet all around. Like, you know, he got into the look as a teen because it seemed edgy, but nowadays he mostly does paperwork for the cult's charities.
What gave you that idea, Luchi? Was it the creepy mask and the fact that he's standing around a bunch of dead bodies while also surrounded by a bunch of other dudes in creepy masks? :p
Aw, I liked Sam. ;_; This new guy looks pretty dodgy though, lol.
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