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  • blueperiod
  • Added: 12/27/2014 05:45 AM
  • Last updated: 08/04/2020 01:42 AM


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Lovely worldmap, but maybe the clouds could be a bit more realistic?
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Actually, I really like them the way they are for what that's worth. They seem to match the style of the ground perfectly. I imagine it's even prettier in motion.
Now that you mention it yuna, the clouds do look a bit cartoony, but I do like how they look at the moment. I'll see how it all meshes together with more realistic clouds. In any case, it isn't finished yet. Still need to add the cities and some floating text. I also need to get rid of those annoying shining red spheres. :p

Max, I've made a gif to show what it looks like in motion.

Also, those are supposed to be rivers, but I have to say I like how they ended up making the land look fractured, which fits perfectly with the story ha ha.
The worldmap looks amazing and I really enjoyed the demo A LOT !! =D The story is awesome. Cant wait to test it more int he future. The graphics was also astonishing :)
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