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Linus... the unforgettable prologue!

Hello, welcome back to another adventure...
once again I am going to review an old demo that was never completed, but trust me, I am talking about a prologue scenario that took me more than a hour of adventures, and that's even more than some short complete games I have played. So why not reviewing this one?

Linus: the forgotten days is a game made by Blueperiod and released in 2014. Despite the title, this prologue doesn't focus on the protagonist of the game, Linus, but it's about Eugéne. What you can expect it's also not the usual boring setting with one or more heroes opposing a powerful evil lord, but rather a dark fantasy scenario where a large decadent kingdom is slowly being defeated after 13 years of battles by a savage warlike nation.

Despite being a prologue the gsme offers few tasks that will let we earn some supplies and items

In any case the plot is pretty interesting: our protagonist is Eugene, a soldier of Aternelle that is fighting to the front against a horde of invaders together with his friends Andrè and Vinz. The day of the final assault against the Greylanders (that are claiming the lands that were rightfully theirs) is approaching, and they have no chance to survive... but Eugene's brother-in-law Sir Peter Laurent arrives to visit the camp (he's a high raking officer) and secretely meets our protagonist explaining that his sister askes him to save Eugene. And there is only one option: deserting. This is really risky, but there is no other option, so Sir Peter assigns a simple mission to Eugeneand his friends: reach a mercenary encampment and show the way to their headquarters, but then flee and take a passage on a boat, instead of coming back to the camp and wait for the day of the defeat. General Bastoche in fact is trying to do everything in his power to keep Aternelle safe from the Greylanders, but this is going to be a hopeless battle with a heavy cost of human lives.
So Eugene and his two friends decide to defect the army and escape, but obviously things won't go as smoothly as planned...

In my opinion the story is great: characters are all interesting and believable, these are real humans, not perfect heroes, they're desperate and frail but they're also survivors that are determinate to fight against what it seems an unavoidable destiny. Eugene and the others are scouts of the army, but they had previous jobs (Eugene was a history professor, Andrè was an apothecary) so they're normal people facing the horrors of war. They're well characterized and the dialogues are really well written, there is in fact an attention not only on the protagonist but also on the secondary characters and on the worls around them.

Eugene is a pyromancer, and this ability will be useful against both human opponents and monsters!

The game is a classic story driven rpg adventure (well it's just a prologue! So we cannot say or the planned game), there are some dialogues with multiple choices, a couple of optional fetch quests, exploration and battles. Enemies are always visible and will actively seek the player, anyway we can choose to try to dodge the encounter or fight them. The system is classic: each character has different abilities (the protagonist is a pyromancer, one friend is an archer and the other is a medic that fights with a spear) that can be used in battle spending points, there are avoidable enemies and obligatory encounters against bosses and sub-bosses. That's it, nothing new here, but I did not mind, battles are well balanced, never too easy and never impossible. An important thing is that the game does not let you grind, so you will have to make good use of the supplies you will find.
I have also to mention the well made menu, that besides equipments and status of the party, includes a helpful part dedicated to the quests and subquests collected, listing the objectives you need to complete in case you forgot them.

Visually the game is really excellent: while the game uses some RTPs, there are lots of edits and custom assets, like the portraits that remind to me of the good old characters from the Fire Emblem Series (I'm quite sure that they're either inspired by them or very edited version of these!), in any case they're less colorful so they fit the grim setting perfectly.

Speaking about the setting, mapping is excellent: there is a very good use of lightning, fog and other visual effects, the locations are dark but not too dark, maps are or the right size and contains optionally explorable areas for some extra loot and battles. Enemies are also sufficiently varied, there are beasts, human opponents and monsters, considering that this is a demo, there is a lot and all it's done with a really great attention to the details.
Music is also perfectly chosen, if I am right some music is in part taken directly from the Harry Potter movies (and the Deathly Hallows), but nonenthless this selection of different themes from different sources fits the atmosphere of the game perfectly.

The game has really nice graphics and the portraits reminds to me of the Fire Emblem games

Final Verdict
Linus: the forgotten days is just a prologue, but a perfect one! I really find that every aspect was treated with attention and dedication, I found no errors nor bugs and I really cannot imagine a way in which this short introductive part could have been improved. This is truly well done, immersive and has a distinct setting and atmosphere that sets it apart from most other RPG Maker VX Ace games, despite the fact that combat isn't really anything new, nor there are puzzles or innovative sections. In any case the real focus of this prologue isn't to provide a complete and varied gameplay, but to introduce a setting and characters, and concerning this, it greatly succeeds: the scenario is original, realistic and so interesting that will constantly make the player wonder about what will happen next.
Not a complete game, but almost perfect.