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One of the most critically acclaimed* Spanish RPG maker games now fully translated into English by Erilex (me), original creator of the game.

Dhux's Scar follows the misadventures of Elijah, a lowly, mediocre merchant that is suddenly faced with the chance of a lifetime: To earn a huge fortune by betraying the trust of one innocent little girl. Of course, things won't work out quite as smoothly as he intended. Little does he know that he is about to be dragged into a ruthless battle between powers that defy human comprehension. There will be blood. And tears. Not to mention painfully generic (yet entertaining in a trainwreck sort of way) plot twists.

The game contains plenty of the following:

-Custom graphics. Lots of them. Chipsets and panoramas are pretty much the only thing that isn't 100% custom (with a few exceptions towards the end of the game)
-Insanely difficult Challenging gameplay and battles.
-Two different endings.
-Pixelated blood and violence.
-Not so pixelated but still rather crudely drawn blood and violence.
-Religious overtones! Yay!

Dhux's Scar was created with the 1.51 Value! version of RPG Maker 2000, which adds some extra features such as increasing the maximum number of pictures being shown on screen, or allowing enemies to have up to 99999 HP. Using an older version of the editor to modify the game or play in test mode might have unexpected (and probably game-breaking) results. The safest thing to do is to play it directly from the executable.

*Whether this means that Spanish people have really low standards or that the game is actually any good will be left to the player's discretion.

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  • Completed
  • Erilex
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
  • RPG
  • 10/10/2009 11:56 PM
  • 10/20/2022 03:20 PM
  • 10/18/2009
  • 456184
  • 79
  • 14212


After looking at some of the files (and not touching any of them), I noticed some of the files from the battle folder aren't working. Omegaport doesn't work, and neither does battle begin, I just get an error message stating that it 'couldn't find the file Omegaport' or something of the like. I've tried various things to help (probably none of which make any sense since I'm not too familiar with RMK), but to no avail. Any suggestions?

At what point in the game do you get these error messages? If there is an error related to the battlebegin file, you probably can't even get past the first battle, so you shouldn't be able to progress to the location where the omegaport animation is used (the last dungeon)

Have you had similar problems with other rm2k games, or just this one?
Just happened recently, around the time I got to the stone with the four puzzles. The strange part is that I had solved the puzzles previously, and couldn't find the fourth so I left. Upon trying to go back this morning, I got the message saying I couldn't access the Omegaport file. With the battle begins file, I had gone back down from the save point to see if anything else was wrong.

This is my first time playing an Rm2k in ages, but I don't recall this ever happening.

Also, I was looking through the files because I couldn't solve the second question of the last puzzle, and I was looking for the backgrounds for the world

Probably a dumb thought, but could this have to do with me alt-F4ing out of the game as opposed to just quitting from the menu?
Sounds like everything worked just fine and then the program stopped recognizing battle animations for some reason. I honestly have no idea what could have caused this. You could re-download the game and use your old save files to resume your playthrough. I can't guarantee it will fix the issue, but it might be worth trying.
Oh well, I'll just redownload. I didn't think of moving the saves over, I'd have thrown myself out the window if I had to start from the beginning. That long, painful,strenuous beginning....

Also, the error message wasn't translated, if that means anything.


Wow, I just got to "the twist"

I can't believe this isn't a retail game. You've done an amazing job here Erilex. I love this Dhux Scar :)
Y pues por recomendacion, jugamos este juego y he aqui my thoughts.

Dhux's scar es un juego altamente inducido mas por el anime que por jrpgs, ya que nos ofrece no solo el arte (el cual esta muy bien) sino varias otras caracteristicas, entre ellas tenemos:
Gore.- Si, miembros cortados, cabezas volando, partidas a la mitad o explotando. Realmente no soy fantico del gore pero pues siendo un juego 2d en sprites tampoco es para quedar asqueado.
Jotez.- El tradicional miembro de la party que parece mas mujer que cualquiera de nuestras amigas pero que resulta que es hombre.
Chuletas.- Algunos no saben que son, por tanto explicare. Varios jefes/subjefes de los jrpgs o algunos de los villanos del anime, con el pretexto de alcanzar mas poder, deciden transformar su cuerpo generalmentede humanoide en en una aberracion (o sea en una chuleta) por lo general gigante con ya sea tentaculos, muchos ojos, alas, etc. Y pues si, este juego tiene chuletas al por mayor.
Incesto.- Ultimamente el incesto se ha vuleto muy popular no tengo idea de porque, pero bueno, aqui tambien lo hay.
Desnudez parcial.- No nos podemos quejar aqui.

Y sin embargo, a pesar de todo eso Dhux's Scar tiene un dialogo excelente. La historia es de lo mejor (no ncesito platicarles de que se trata pues Erilex mismo ya explico cual es el plot del juego), tiene sus partes debiles claro, pero son facilmente perdonables, puesto que el juego te mantiene altamente intrigado por saber que sigue despues y por conocer los secretos de los personajes.

Hablando de lospersonajes, todos ellos muy bien hechos (refiriendome a su manera de pensar y actuar). Jazz la arma demasiado. Viendo que aparecen las jerarquias de los angeles asi como algunos arcangeles, esperaba ver a Saint Germain haciendo acto de presencia pero no, no sale.

La dificultad esta decente, siempre y cuando no uses PEs para vencer a los jefes. Las dungeons (o quiza deba decir, los bosques) esta muy cortos, generalmente son 3 o 4 pantallas con enemigos visibles (no random encounters),seguido de la pelea con la chuleta y listo. Bastante linear y sin side-quest.

En cuanto a la musica, pues tiene rolas de diferentes juegos asi como animes y debo admitir que los tracks elegidos le quedaron bien al juego. Solo una cosa no puedo perdonar y es el hecho de que nunca me ha gustado que algunos juegos tienen peleas que no importa lo que hagas vas a perder o no importa lo que hagas vas a ganar. Este juego te pone 2 de esas peleas... seguidas. Ugh! En lugar de poner ese tipo de peleas mejor deberian poner un display de tu perdiendo o tu ganando (segu el caso) y ya! Per bueno.

All in all, Dhux's Scar es un juego que vale realmente la pena jugar. Habra que estar atento a que en cuanto Dyad quede terminado, jugarlo.

Le doy un 4 de 5.

It's weird that you listed all those anime-like traits of the game (chuleta is a very funny workd) and then said "DESPITE all that, the game has excellent dialog". The overall "weirdness" of the game is definitely one of its strong points, and it's tied to how good the dialog is.
It's weird that you listed all those anime-like traits of the game (chuleta is a very funny workd) and then said "DESPITE all that, the game has excellent dialog"

Yes well, I did not specify this but I've not liked Rpgmaker made games that are highly influenced by anime. Dhux' scar being the first exeption.

So my intention here was to say that even though this game is anime influenced too, it has a good story and such a great dialogue that makes me, in this case, feel comfortable with the anime inheritance.

As for chuleta a funny word, It trully is. The idea came when facing one of the last boss transformations of Legend of Dragoon (psx)

this one:

see the recemblance to a chop? :)

After that it became an habit for my friends and I to call "chuletas" to all bosses who transformed, even if they did not trully look like a chop.
One of my favorites RPGs of all time. Truly amazing game, better than the big budgets we see this days.
shouldnt we be able to atleast use the camp option at the safe save points ? you only can use them at where the monsters lurk eeehh!!
can someone tell me the combination of the chest named as "dues ex machina" pls ?
FINALLY BEAT THIS HARDCORE GAME! And loved it as well! This deserves a sequel or something...
I will confess- this game killed me -alot- at the beginning. >> And in the final dungeon. Until I realized there was a save point to my left, and a merchant to my right. Then I facepalmed- because prior to this discovery, I had fought my way through the entire area after a portion of exposition, a boss fight, more exposition- and about 30-40 minutes of me mulching enemies. (1 turning (Round, I suppose) them, to be precise.)

Still- the difficulty is part of what made it so bloody satisfying to get through to the end, and I was enamored with the twists of the story (Especially -The Twist-). Whilst I'm normally able to guess what's coming in a game, or movie- I was caught off guard for most of the game, which made it altogether fantastic.

FINALLY BEAT THIS HARDCORE GAME! And loved it as well! This deserves a sequel or something...

Maybe not a sequel... but something.
FINALLY BEAT THIS HARDCORE GAME! And loved it as well! This deserves a sequel or something...
Maybe not a sequel... but something.

Wow...I can't believe I never noticed that, thanks.
Page not found for that link?

Anyway, game was 'mazin. Its been a while since any game had me hooked considering I am pretty experienced at RPGs. Half tempted to write a review...

My one and the only one frustration I had with this game was that
the reward for maximum PE blew.
Game is great!
I like games, where author not trying to be polite - just unleashes its ideas without any self-censourship. It kinda hard-to-find these days...
Thanks for this!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
As usual, I'm sure it's just me :(

I have downloaded this game a few times.

Fight the Demon at the start and ALWAYS LOSE :(

It is not nice to create such a great looking game and only allow
a few people to play it :(

Anyone know why I can't get further then being killed by the demon ?? :)
You mean the very first fight? When Dario says something like "Now I will use my hax sword skill to own your ass", a new move will appear in his skill menu. Use it and you'll win the fight.