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Hey, did you know I'm working on a new game? *wink wink*

I noticed that despite having had no updates in, like, TEN whole years, this game still has far more subscribers than the new hot thing by yours truly, THIS IS NOT MY FINAL FORM. On the off chance some of those subscribers are still active members of the site, I figured I might as well attempt to redirect them to my latest endeavor.

It's a game about being THE FINAL BOSS. It's got DEMONS in it. And you might or might not kill God at some point during it.

Sounds like a grand old time, right? Go check the gamepage and subscribe if you like what you see!


Dhux's Scar on TVtropes!

Courtesy of user Fool, who I believe is also responsible for some of the other RPGmaker-related entries on that site, Dhux's Scar now has a shiny TV Tropes page!


I probably don't need to warn most of you about the dangers of clicking on a TV Tropes link, but just in case, know that it might end up becoming a huge time sink without you even realizing it.


Font problems

Apparently some of you are having problems with the game's fonts. I have added a page listing a few solutions which should probably solve all of your font-related problems.


Added a "Boss strategies" page

Since I'm expecting quite a few people to get stuck on a particular boss, I figured it might be a good idea to provide them with a "strategy guide" of sorts that explains with plenty of detail how to defeat this frustratingly hard opponent.

I might update the page at a later date to add tips on defeating some of the other (and far easier) bosses in the game, but for now, this should be enough for the average player.


The main download is ready!

And this time, it's here to stay!

...At least I hope so.


Provisional download link... Fixed. AGAIN.

You can use the link below until the main download of the fixed version is approved:

EDIT: ...Okay, scrap that. That one was no good, either. I should have known the reason I hadn't deleted those files in the first place was because they were used for something.

I'm truly sorry for all the trouble. I'll get it right next time, probably. If not, I'll commit seppuku in order to cleanse my tarnished honour. Any volunteers for slicing my head off?

Here, this one should work just fine. Should.

Download here


Ugh, I'm an idiot.

I deleted a file from the picture folder thinking that it wasn't used for anything... Well, guess what, I was wrong. If you don't want to wait until I have replaced the game's download, you can fix this provisionally by creating a 320 x 240 black .png file called Attention00.png and placing it in the picture folder. Now, excuse me while I go bang my head repeatedly against the nearest wall.


Translation finished, download approved, ready to play.

Dhux's Scar's translation has been finished. I wouldn't say it's perfect by any means, but it should be good enough to get the message across.

The game is completed, meaning it can be played all the way from start to finish. Hopefully everyone who does so will enjoy it. Feedback and Ironhide facepalm images will be of course greatly appreciated.


Regarding the translation

I'm doing more than just "translating" the game. I'm also rewriting parts of the dialogue to make them sound less corny and/or completely out of place, as well as trying to cut down the length of some of the dreadful HUGE WALLS OF BORING EXPOSITION NO ONE CARES ABOUT that will attack the player at certain points in the story.

...Of course, some of the most convoluted, facepalm inducing situations are so deeply tied to the plot that no amount of text editing wil fix them. Oh, well.
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