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Review from RRR!

Here's a nice review of Boss Project V written by Nighthawk282 of RRR (RPG RPG Revolutions forums).


I didn't think that this game would garner much attention, and... well, it didn't! Not as much as I'd hoped that it would, anyway. This is probably because of it being a part of the "Boss Project" series. I guess that my fault! I should have made it its own independent game rather than making it a part of one of my ongoing series. It probably would have made a whole lot more sense, too, seeing as how its not REALLY a boss-gauntlet, but rather a fairly short dungeon crawler.

Anyway, it still looks as though people are enjoying it, and that is enough for me! Enjoy the review!


Download Spike

Excellent. It seems like after those videos I've uploaded, coupled with that review Yeaster recently posted, that the downloads took a slight turn towards the sky! They've just about reached 200+, and that's a good thing.

Maybe I will eventually come to make another 2000+ download project again, but I doubt it'll be any time soon. =P


The Real Ending (A Youtube Exclusive)

I've gone and uploaded a Youtube-exclusive ending that is far, FAR better than the one feature in the actual game. It clears things in a much more smooth and... fitting way. Most of the questions are answered, and it just feels better and more thought-out.

The reason I made it Youtube-exclusive was because I did not think it was appropriate to release the game -again- just to have this in it, and maybe a few extra tweaks. It was just not worth it. However, I had been thinking of how the game's ending really...stunk, and I just wanted to end it properly--like it should have in the first place!


Download up and running

The completed game is now available for download.


The Final Balancing Act

While I wait for my high speed to arrive, I have gone back and played through the entire game. I have made sure to fix any of the spelling mistakes that I came across, and I did a lot of re-balancing, especially with the weapons. I also had to change a bit of the music and graphics around to make it "fit" better.

I am just going to say that this is, by far, the best of out of the Boss Project series. The story flows fairly well, and I would say that it has everything that it needs to be a fun little playthrough.

Get ready for the release, as it is approaching fast!


Essentially finished.

Well, this game has been completed. In the end, I have managed to get 16 bosses in total out of the story. I would say that this game is a tad harder than the fourth Boss project, but not by much. If you know what you are doing, then things should not be all that hard, to be honest.

I hope that the story is enough to keep everyone interested all the way until the end. I think that the general idea and concept of Boss Project IV were better, but that the execution and pacing of this are much better. Things may or may not feel a bit rushed in there, but I can say for certain that BP V's story is fairly good, and SHOULD keep most of you interested for the entire ride. Well, I hope so, anyway.

I will probably have a download link up next week (or at least around then). I am having a few friends test-play for me, because I have finally found a few people that are actually interested in these sort of games! I did not think that it would be possible... but lo-and-behold! College has many wonders and mysteries. WoooOooOO.


How many Bosses? Hrm... Well, it's not going to be as random as before.

I've been pondering about how many bosses I really want to be in this project. Well, er, I WAS pondering this. However, this was back when I first began developing this little gem and just began to place bosses everywhere for no apparent reason. Yeah, I know that it's a "Boss Project" and should really be nothing more than a boss gauntlet, but I'm using this as an excuse to tell a little story in the process. As a result, the number of bosses present will vary GREATLY depending on what the storyline calls for.

How many do I THINK will be in there by the end? Well...I'd say about 15-20~ Or at least somewhere around there.


Less "Bossy" than the rest.

For those of you that are familiar with the "Boss Project" series and all that it stands for (fighting bosses one-by-one until you slowly make your way to the finish), you may or may not be a tad disappointed with the way the 5th installment is going to work out.

-You do not just fight bosses in this game. You have random encounters, plot to sit through, and some adventuring all tossed in to the mix this time around. There's no overabundance of either, and I'm trying to balance it all out. However, because it is a short game and it has a relatively long story...there are going to be some lengthy story scenes.

-No slow text or walking speed! Well aren't a good few of you happy that I left those out this time around? Well, except for SOME slow text that occurs when it is needed, but a majority of it is left at its default speed.

-A darker story than most of my other projects, and possibly even more-so than BP4:Asylum of Voices. That is where I got the inspiration for such an idea, actually. I liked how it's dark(ish) story flowed and just wanted to make another one...and thus Boss Project V was born! But this time around it's more well put-together and slightly easier to follow (or should be by the end).

-Actual Weapon and armor stat descriptions. I know that a lot of you had a problem with how the weapons were presented (or explained, rather) in the previous game, and so I took the route that most people do and I just stuck what Stats the weapons/armor influenced in their descriptions.

-You still buy your Items, Spells, Weapons, Armor, etc. from a shop. I didn't want to give them all to you from the get-go, as I found that letting you buy what you wanted was a more fun and interesting choice.

-Heroes Realm stuff. Yeah, so I basically don't take ANY credit for any of the resources except for the monsters (and the story) in this one. Oh, those and some chipsets. But most of the other stuff was gathered by Kentona for Heroes Realm, and I was given permission to use the stuff for a new Boss Project.

And...that's about it for now!
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