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Runic Cipher is a long-time JRPG project that's been worked on for several years, on and off. Our goal with this is to bring back that nostalgic feel of the earlier Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire games, as well as having an in-depth and original story line filled with plot twists and with a more gritty edge than your typical RPG. A lot of the writing is inspired by the A Song of Ice and Fire and Malazan Book of the Fallen franchises. If you are a fan of either of them, you're going to enjoy the many surprises Runic Cipher have in stock.

The story follows a young rebel group by the name of EDGE, whose leader, Talon, vows to seek vengeance against the Hilgar Empire for their war crimes against his homeland, Calupa. Alongside Talon, he has the support of Rick, a scout who loves cracking up jokes, and Veronica, an engineer with the acquired knowledge of creating explosives. Throughout the course of their journey, they will meet dozens of other interesting characters, including a few they'd never imagine being on their side...or are they?

A few gameplay ideas Runic Cipher will introduce:
  • A battle system inspired by SNES-era Final Fantasy games with elements of their ability systems.
  • Dungeon design inspired by the early Lufia games.
  • Final Fantasy VI-style party selection system (i.e. setting up teams for a particular dungeon).

We will be releasing content in an episodic format, and hopefully have releases out in a timely basis. We are both perfectionists, so the chapters will be released when they're done. We're not rushing to meet deadlines.

Latest Blog

Introduction and Writing Blog

Hey everyone, this is Runic Cipher's writer checking in. I came onboard with this project a few months ago, so I'm proud that we managed to put together the first Chapter in such a short amount of time. Of course, there was a significant amount already done when I joined, but I'm happy to breathe new life into a project with so much potential.

Any plot/concept/dialogue related questions can be directed to me. A few general things:

1. Each release will encompass a chapter of the full game. We will do our best to release each chapter in a timely fashion, but at the end of the day they'll be done when they're done. I am a fairly fast writer (I already have a final draft of the plot for Chapter 2 and am now working on translating that into in-game dialogue and cutscenes) but I want to make sure the final product is flawless, and conveys the story as best as possible. I am currently anticipating a total of 8 chapters, each one being roughly 2-4 hours of play time depending on how you choose to go about it. I am not limiting myself to 8 chapters however. If I feel we have more story to tell or that we've finished everything in less, then it will be released as such.

2. I am attempting to break certain JRPG cliches with my writing style. What I am going for is a more gritty and realistic story. The typical "good vs. evil," "hero vs. villain," "light vs. dark" traditions don't really do it for me anymore. Instead, you will be presented with a story of global war and devious politics featuring morally gray protagonists and antagonists. Some of my influences include George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire," Steven Erikson's "Malazan: Book of the Fallen," and Joe Abercrombie's "First Law" series, as well as real medieval European and Roman history, especially studies of warfare and politics. Like anyone working with a traditional JRPG medium, I'll claim some affinity for Final Fantasy (and there will be some obvious nods in that direction), but we're setting out to accomplish something different here.

3. I'll drop in every once in awhile to comment on writing progress, and maybe even drop a hint or two as to what's coming. No, I won't spoil anything outright, you'll just have to be patient and wait for the next chapter!

That's about it for now. I hope everyone enjoys the first chapter, which is simply a taste of what's to come. If you're the type of player to meticulously try and figure out the plot, make sure to pay close attention because I do drop lots of foreshadowing into many parts, and use many random town NPCs to reveal some pretty relevant information. As I stated earlier, writing is coming along smoothly for the next section, so enjoy Chapter 1: Prelude to Ruin and look out for Chapter 2: The Art of War.


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Resident Terrapin
This concept seems very
contrived but i will reserve my
final judgment until
i play the demo
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
W-what's happening with your info page text formatting?
One of RMN's Top 10 Admins of all-time
Hey I like the style of this game (but of course I would).
One of RMN's Top 10 Admins of all-time
I would like the style of this game.
Fair enough, I thought you meant something else.
Glad to see people are liking my game!
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
I saw this on rpg crisis, gonna download right now!
My altime FAVE. Final Fantasy III snes . This Runic Sipher Its a remake
i OF it OH man I am so ON it. THE CREDIT belongs to htose who Put these games together with its challenges and RELICS . I like a good Challenge to search out the needed ITEM or tool to over come thy
aponent . What do u MEAN ? Did u make this Allen Hunter.?
A good game is with haveing a veriotey OF relics Unique wepons that poses a unique purpouse some multiple. I spescialy Loved it when there is an item that can alow u to equip TWO swords .Now not all caracters can use this item ofcourse that is if there is a relic hiden somewhere in the game that will allow others to equip two (wep).REMAIN UNIQUE . Till next time FELAZ . R.I.P i mean R.P.G <( '-'<).
1 - Yes, I am the creator of this game.

2 - An item that allows you to equip two swords? I think you meant the Double Cut relic, which let's you attack twice with one weapon, not use a second weapon.

And, uh, till next time, dexterdome FELA. R.I.P.... errr, I mean R.P.G. (>'-')>
One of RMN's Top 10 Admins of all-time
Never ever?
Either that, or I will just mess around until I find that it's worthy of a next demo release.
This FFV fangame looks like FFV.
This FFV fangame looks like FFV.
Best comment on this page, ever.
Hmm... Looks very interesting... I have used RM2k3 a little bit. I have never started a real game. I have been using RMXP for a very long time.
I have pretty much mastered the commands of RMXP and I have even made a pathfinding system and a Custom Battle System purely out of events, switches, and variables... So in other words, I am quite good at working with events. However, switching from RMXP to RM2k3 to kelp you may be a problem, although the commands are somewhat similiar, It may present a problem or two. So I don't know...
Whenever I've stumbled across this game or looked at it's screenshots I've always thought.. I like the look of that brown-coat/hat chara.
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