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This was the first project I've really made with RPG Maker XP, back in roughly 2005. This project was remade up to 2 times, first was due to a script mess up, and it was pretty shitty; second was because the data files became corrupt. This was my third attempt to remake this game, and it took me about a year and a half (I don't remember exactly) to develop it. In the end, I canceled the project due to not only lack of support, but that I felt I could do better overall. I'm posting this because out of all of the rpg maker projects I've made, this one kind of was left in a corner, and little to no feedback, except on early development, was given to the project, both in terms of positive and negative. I hope you do find some enjoyment out of this, have fun!

In another galaxy, there is an Earth-like planet which the inhabitants called "Ludia". Unlike present-day Earth, the people of Ludia are way behind in technological standards, and live in semi-medieval lifestyles. The inhabitants are consist of Humans, Irregulars (Elves, Fairies, etc.), and the paranormal animals referred to as "Monsters". This is what the residents know, though, for there is more to the planet than anyone really knows.

In a small, mountainous village, a teenage Fighter-in-Training, named Mikami Maya, hears a mysterious cry for help. By approval of her father, Morochi Maya, she has set out to rescue the one who is in distress. Little does she know, that she is about to discover things that no one in the world has ever seen or learned.

Main Characters

Name: Mikami Maya (Pronounced "Mee-Kah-Mee")
Age: 17
Class: Fighter Trainee
Personality: Sassy, Optimistic, A bit bad-tempered
Bio: Mikami is a Fighter class trainee who has an average, stereotypical teen personality. While she is quite good with the sword, she is often brash, though sometimes she's not even confident at all. Even though she can be outright rude, she has a kind, helpful heart, and wouldn't pass the chance to assist others in need.

Name: Alpha the Fairy (Pronounced "Al-Fah")
Age: 100 (Fairies live a long time in this world)
Class: Mage/Magic User
Personality: Whiny, Childish, Overly dependent
Bio: Alpha is one of a large group of fairy siblings, all named after the Greek alphabet. She was sent by Mikami's father to provide aid to her quest, though Mikami herself didn't really think she would need a companion. She can complain about nearly anything that someone could make a complaint about, making her nothing more than a gnat to Mikami. She has great proprieties and prefers to be treated in a lady-like fashion.

Name: B-01 "Beetal"
Age: Robots have no real age
Class: Robot
Personality: Rational and polite by default
Bio: Beetal is a hovering robot whom Mikami found on the shores of Koh Koh Isle. By his programming, he is bound to serve and protect anyone who has activated him, so he unconditionally joined Mikami and Alpha on their quest. Strangely, Beetal has no memory of who created him or what purpose was he truly meant to serve.

Recurring Characters

Name: Morochi Maya (Pronounced "Mor-Oh-Chee")
Age: 43
Class: Fighter
Personality: Serious, Cares deeply about his family
Bio: A respected Fighter and the father of the Maya family, Morochi has to both carry out his duties and manage his household. When Mikami proposed that she would go out on a quest, he refused to let her go, believing that she is not yet ready to carry out the duties of a Fighter and also fearing for her life. However, he thought this would be the best experience for his daughter and decided to let her off, not knowing that that the adventure was going to be a lot more than he thought.

Name: Serges Tomohon (Pronoucned "Ser-Gez")
Age: 20
Class: Theif/Traveler
Personality: A bit eccentric, Curious
Bio: Serges is a cloaked man who seems to enjoy traveling around the world. While he is decent with combat, he has the tendency to get others to do the dirty work for him. Serges is the first Ludian to have discovered the Secret Portal Room.

Name: Gapper the Merchant
Age: 47
Class: Salesman
Personality: Crafty, Annoying
Bio: Gapper is a traveling salesman who constantly picks up whatever crap he can find and tries to sell it to people. Though he doesn't do it often, he can easily cheat people into buying items harmful to the health. He is obnoxious and flirtatious with Mikami.

Name: Melanie Buhtsecks
Age: 19
Class: Traveler
Personality: A bit of a geek
Bio: Melanie enjoys to travel to many different places, a quality similar to Serges. She is a bit socially awkward as she'll walk up to any random person and say hi to them or ask stupid questions. She has a crush on Serges.

(Note: The occurrence of this character will depend on your actions in the game)
Name: Manay Zealean
Age: 17
Class: Civilian
Personality: Dorky, Kind of shy
Bio: Manay Zealaen is a young, deviant hair designer who runs her own shop in Petal Village. Aside from that, she is a lesbian who seems to instantly have a crush on Mikami upon first sight. Unfortunately, Manay is very nervous about revealing her true feelings towards Mikami as she thinks she may be turned down due to her sexuality.


Name: Dr. Roberto Lue (Pronounced "Roh-Bert-Oh" "Loo-ee")
Age: looks about 75
Class: Scientist
Personality: Bad-tempered, Cold-hearted
Bio: Dr. Lue is a mad scientist who has created an army of combat robots to carry out his tasks, and later enforce a tyrannical rule. He doesn't seem to be much, though he knows much about Ludia's past.

Name: Beebee Bot(s)
Class: Robot(s)
Personality: Moronic
Bio: The Beebee Bots are a series of low-level, rectangular combat robots who often are the ones that run errands for their creator, Dr. Lue. Since more effort was put into capabilities than intelligence, the Beebee Bots exhibit childish behaviors and are generally stupid, such that it makes Dr. Lue look less serious than he really is. Despite their fragility, they are mass-produced and often arrive in great numbers.

Name:Lord Modus (a.k.a. Zaniac) (Pronounced "Moh-Dus")
Age: unknown
Class: unknown
Personality: Cold-hearted, A bit of a misanthrope
Bio: Lord Modus is a pawn of Dr. Lue. While he seems to be a human, it is questionable whether he really is one. He tries to lead a coup to end dynasty of King Mujoe III, ruler of the Condoma Kingdom.

> Some side-quests here and there.
> Innovative event-programmed mini games.
> Lots of secrets and some puzzles!

For Graphics Resources:
> Gammaflash Productions graphics resources
> KNight Team
> Lite of RPG website
> Creation Asylum
> Ccoa
> Tana
> Mack

For Music:
> VG music.com
> Sega (used some Sonic Screen Saver music)
> Kanomi (use of copyrighted game music)

For Scripts:
> Near Fantastica: Anti-Event Lag
> (Author Unknown): Credits Script (Was edited by MiDas Mike)
> ccoa: Universal Message System

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Robots have no real age? Don't they like... have a built date?
Oh this looks pretty kewl.
Too bad it's cancelled :(
Aww....this looked like a good game...
but it's...cancelled....sad.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Eh, You are right about that Darken. xD

I just submitted the download to the game, so you guys should be able to play it and give honest feedback on it soon.
Melanie Buhtsecks

oh so that's what this game is all about
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
I will name my first child Melanie Buhtsecks.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
LOL tardis. xD

Sorry, but I put in a handful of dumb humor in this game. Any thoughts on the game itself?
Is this new? And why the hell is it cancelled?
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
It's not new, it's like... 2-3 years old? And even though I promoted it among RM sites once no one really recognized its existence. The reason why I wanted to upload it here was to hopefully get someone else's opinion as to what I did wrong with this game.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Whoever voted this game for best Level Design for the Misaos... I might love you forever. xD
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
The move Multi-Jab seems to be a little over powerful, it can KO a person in one hit and nice game.

Did you finish making level 4?
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
But is it complete?

No, I've reuploaded a the game because someone was having trouble with the download. I don't really have any motivation to complete it at this point, sorry.
Mikami? Is that Japanese? I know what 'mi' and 'kami' mean, still, the two words put together... Mikage would have been a smoother choice.

... Forgive my rambles.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Ratty, you have to be kidding me ......

I'm not a maker of games, wish I knew how :( but it is a really enjoyable game.
I'm sure a professional will be able to give you some hints on how to make it better but for someone who simply loves RPGs, it is a very nice game...

I'm at the S. Pole, sure hope there is more to explore :)

Again, good game, you should not have given up on it....
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Ratty, you have to be kidding me ......

I'm not a maker of games, wish I knew how :( but it is a really enjoyable game.
I'm sure a professional will be able to give you some hints on how to make it better but for someone who simply loves RPGs, it is a very nice game...

I'm at the S. Pole, sure hope there is more to explore :)

Again, good game, you should not have given up on it....

Ehhh... Maybe my standards are just way too high nowadays. >_>
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
rats, I'm finally stuck :(

If you can remember the woods and the town "down under" you might be able to help me :)

I have a clue which I don't understand..looks like emoticons.
A transfer circle the is "inactive".
Can hop on mine carts but can't get to the switches.

Do you remember how to get out of this place and back on the road ?? :)
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