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Get used to fighting 5 mobs at once in this game
  • MrWaltz
  • Added: 10/25/2009 06:45 PM
  • Last updated: 05/20/2022 09:20 PM


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This really simulates the illusion of 3D well. I love it. :)
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Wow. This doesn't look bad at all!
Guardian of the Description Thread
The 3-D effect for the battle background isn't bad. It probably wouldn't hurt to have a ceiling, but that's probably a minor issue. I can barely make out Rebecca's portrait, though. Might want to make it more solid.

The battle icons on the left are a neat idea. I'm not sure how it was pulled off, but I'm glad to know that it's possible to make a menu icon-based.

For DOING IT! - Week 15
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