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The Magick System

Having started implimenting the magick system in the game, I thought it would be a good idea to go over it here! The introduction of Money and Power's magick system will drastically change the way battles are fought, including Max and Axl's respective roles in battle. While in Chapter 1 Max acted as the muscle, while Axl acted as backup and support, the introduction of elemental, upgradable magick introduces further strategy to battles. Choosing who's magick to upgrade, how far, and keeping characters even in their magick levels are all key to survival!

Early in the next chapter, Max and Axl gain the use of magick, each being granted their own personal element, and initial spell. As you progress, you'll find people who will upgrade your magick for both a monetary fee, and a required amount of Ether Crystals, which can be found in various ways (from finding them in treasure chests, to getting them from rare enemy drops, etc.). Recieving an upgrade will replace your main spell with the next strongest one (to use typical Final Fantasy magic as an example, first you would learn Fire, upgrade it to Fira, then Firaga, etc.). After three upgrades, you will learn secondary spells. While your main spell is your primary offensive magic attack, these secondary spells offer a wide variety of uses. One secondary ice spell, for instance, lowers the enemy's speed, with a chance of inflicting the Numb condition (MnP's equivalent of Paralyze). Another secondary spell, of the fire element, increases the physical attack of every party member.

Successfully utilizing this new system means you'll have to strategize who to upgrade, how far, etc. Will you focus on one character to get to their next secondary spell, possibly leaving others behind? Or will you hold off on those useful secondary spells to keep everyone even, so you're prepared for whatever element your enemies may be weak to? The choice will be yours, when the next demo of Money and Power is released!


Chapter 2 moves along!

The second chapter (and future second demo) is coming along nicely! Currently working on Max and Axl's adventures in Sorca. I'll be adding screenshots of the next chapter, and even some character artwork, as time goes on. In the latest chapter on Money and Power, you can look forward to:

- The introduction of the Magick system.
- Much more CG cutscene art than before!
- The truth about Greenwald's identity revealed.
- New dungeon and boss challenges!
- All new main characters, even future party members!
- Megaton plot twists and revelations guaranteed to shock!
- One hell of a twist ending!

Release is TBA for now, but stay tuned!
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