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Chapter 2 moves along!

  • Shmeckie
  • 01/01/2010 06:46 AM
The second chapter (and future second demo) is coming along nicely! Currently working on Max and Axl's adventures in Sorca. I'll be adding screenshots of the next chapter, and even some character artwork, as time goes on. In the latest chapter on Money and Power, you can look forward to:

- The introduction of the Magick system.
- Much more CG cutscene art than before!
- The truth about Greenwald's identity revealed.
- New dungeon and boss challenges!
- All new main characters, even future party members!
- Megaton plot twists and revelations guaranteed to shock!
- One hell of a twist ending!

Release is TBA for now, but stay tuned!


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Sounds good, man.

I like where this game is headed.
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