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A great modern mature tale

  • Warski
  • 03/01/2008 04:50 AM
An engaging story that kept me wanting more. Its like reading novel that you can't put down. The story moves along slowly, but at a pace that keeps the player excited to see what would happen next. Its funny, sad, interesting, and out there. There are sometimes choices that are very different to each other, and all I can say is: If I'm tempted to load my file and chose a different text choice, you know its good.

The only issue I had was that sometimes the cut scenes were too long and followed up with more cut scenes, or walking around, THEN watching another cut scene.. but it did make the games story what it was, so I'm happy I had patients.

Game play: Fun but tough battles kept me on the edge of my seat. Some areas were definitely a challenge... and thats what I loved about it. There is no CBS but thanks to the rm2k3 side view, the battles still look great. New york is littered with NPC's that said interesting, but best of all, hilarious things. I wish I could quote some things but I don't wanna ruin anything. The mini games were pretty nifty, my personal favorite is during a very suspenseful time while falling off the upper level of New york to sector 20. It was epic.

Music: A host of popular songs in MIDI form kept me (at least) bobbing my head. House of the rising sun" anyone?

Sound: Sound effects work well with cut scenes and battles... and thats all that matters.

Mapping: Most maps looked great, but a select few (Less then a handful) had some awkward placement of tiles.

Characters: Every character had its own personality and unique look. Thumbs up. But the very few usage of RTP characters sometimes didn't fit the overall atmosphere of the game, but It was bearable.

Overall: Great story, cool characters, fun gameplay, good mapping, gnarly music for a overall, great experience.


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The irony of these two clearly clashing reviews knocked me off my chair laughing.
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