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Two siblings who have known little more than farming their whole lives find themselves becoming the protectors of their little sister who manifests strange powers to shape Reality. Being naive of the world, and inexperienced in martial ways, they must rely on their friends to overcome those who would seek to capture their little sister and use her for their own purposes...

This game features a number of custom resources, including some tiles, monsters, music, and scripts. This demo contains the complete first two chapters.

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Game.exe crash bug, advice needed

Update on the problem:

It seems that the game just crashes randomly (as in, I can never actually reproduce this myself, it just happens) when transfering to another map, getting an item, and in one instance when opening an item shop. Sometimes the crash does not happen for entire play-throughs of several hours. Sometimes it will happen several times in a row on one map. Completely random. When it crashes, it is not a script error that pops up, but the general windows error message saying something like game.exe encountered a problem and must close. However, I think it is related to the scripts, as I remember my older project of the same name never had this problem, nor do I have this problem with any other RPG VX games.

I have been struggling with this problem for some time now. It is particularly difficult to pinpoint because just removing one script at a time to find the problem script wont work due to the simple fact that the problem is so inconsistent that it would take hours and hours to thoroughly try one script to make sure it was not the one that causes the crash.

After spending even more time trying to fix this, it really seems like the problem lies somewhere in the data files.
To reproduce this error fairly reliably, I set up a test area filled with lots of events (treasure chests) and one auto-event that adds a party member and then disappears. Then I talk to an NPC which sends me into battle, and fairly reliably the game will crash upon exiting the battle and going back to the map (game.exe has encountered a problem and has shut down, or whatever). I tried doing pretty much the same thing in one of the game's actual maps, but the error did not seem to be as reliably replicated there.

I have started a brand new project, and brought the scripts over manually, all works fine. I bring the other data files over, game crashes.
I have started a new project, brought all of the map data, mapinfo data, and script data, and it works fine.
The problems start when I add in pretty much any of the other data files from the old project, though no 1 in particular seems to cause the problem. Any single one of them may cause the game to crash.

I have also done this in reverse, trying to replace existing data files one by one with ones from a new project, and same conclusion pretty much. The error stops when most of the data files are replaced, save for the ones mentioned above.

I have tested the scripts thoroughly as well, the best I could. There is another oddity here. I can remove the side view scripts and use just the default battle system, and the game doesn't crash any more, even with all of the datafiles the way they are. However, if I also made a new project and moved just the side view system files over and the game runs just fine without crashes until I bring the data files over.

I dug up an older version of the game back when it didnt have this problem and tested out that battle system (still side view, but older version) it worked fine on its own. I brought that battle system and replaced the newer one I was using in my project. Game crashes. I made a new project with the older tankentai sbs and threw in the old data files (sans the script datafile). Game crashes.

So it looks like the problem has something to do with my data files, but I have no idea what the problem could be still. As a last resort, and only if I absolutely have to, I will try a brand new project, only bringing over the maps and scripts, and rebuild the database from scratch (last resort because there are sooooooo many skills, items, pieces of gear, animations, and such that I made already) but I want to see what other people thought about this problem first, seeing as it is no guaranty that it will work anyways.

Any thoughts? What would you do in this situation?
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  • 11/02/2009 01:48 AM
  • 07/26/2018 03:26 AM
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This looks really intersting! How did you get the awesome battle sprites?
What do you mean, the monsters? I made them in photoshop, mostly utilizing edited bits and pieces of various RTP critters.
cool. Good job. Do you mind sticking the download onto this website instead of Mediafire though? For some bizarre reason I can never get it to work.
I just finished uploading the non-RTP demo directly to this site. It is pending at the moment, but should be available for download before too long.
The demo is now up. It is the 32mb one, hosted directly by this site. I hope that helps.
You the practice of self-promotion

I downloaded and played your demo yesterday and let me tell you, it's by far the most promising RPG VX demo I have played (I m actually looking forward to the next chapters or completed version!), and, surpasses most complete ones. I would gladly post a review, but there is no tab for it in this game page. Please let me know if you would like me to PM it to you instead so you can have some feedback.
I am fairly new to this site and have not yet figured out all the options for hosting games. How can I make it so reviews can be made? I would love me some reviews!
Hmm, I think I got it... I set the newest demo to be the primary download, which I think makes it so it can be reviewed... sorry, it seems kind of confusing how this site works. Let me know if that didn't work!
Addendum to last post: how do you even send in reviews, anyway? I wish there was a more comprehensive help section for this site.
I can never make a RPG like you, were did you get this technique?
You the practice of self-promotion

I'll go ahead and PM the review in the next couple of the days in the meantime ... you need to ask the administrators of the website what to do to put the tab, since I just play the games people like you post on the site. And don't worry, you're not the only one having trouble putting all this info since other gamesites seem to have a similar issue.
I went ahead and asked about the topic in the forums. Hopefully somebody will be helpful and let me know how to set this bad boy up!
Hah, I feel stupid now. The review thing is easy stuff. Just click on the stars and it brings you to the screen to make your review. That doesn't work for me, but right-clicking it and selecting open in a new tab or window works fine.
After the intro, and where you have to beat the girl at the "tomato" race, it comes up with Game.exe has encountered a problom and is needed to close.
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
I know you know of the error, but I got it right after the intro.

Was gonna write up a review :V
Yeah, I am still trying to fix it, but it doesn't seem like anything short of starting from scratch is going to do it, and even then... Yeah, I have no idea how to fix it, but I am still trying. Spent countless hours now trying. All I can say is... try again. The error is very random. Sometimes I can play through the entire demo with zero crashes. Sometimes I may get -a- crash. Once in awhile I might get more than one. So if it crashes on you, just fire it back up and it usually will run fine.

I do apologize for the inconvenience. If this was as simple as a bad script or something, I could have had it fixed a long time ago.
The water boss thing is really hard to beat with 12500 HP! My characters only do about 200 damage.
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