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Game needs a lot of work, but God it looks promising.

I completed the demo and I’m now going to write a short review of this game. I won’t tell you how the game works like the previous reviewer did. You must find that you yourself of course. I will make a longer review once the game is finished. Though I would like to advise the maker to back-up his game twice so that this one doesn’t get lost as well ?


Anyway, we all should agree that the game looks really breathtaking in visuals. Is one of the best mapping I have ever seen so far. Kudos for that!

I really like the job and subclasses system to learn all those different skills by JP points makes the game really fun and diverse. It reminds me also a bit of my own systems in Final Tear 3.

The story looks promising, though nothing really interesting or mind-blowing has happened I think it will be an epic journey later on.

A lot of skills! I like that very much! Gives battles so much depth.

The sprites look good!

I really like the clown, I have a strange feeling he is a very important character in the story later on.

Though the bosses are hard, I really like how you did them boss battles are very diverse and not boring. I have only see 2 of them yet but both of them are completely different. Though the first boss is too hard, better cut half of his HP off.


The balance is really terrible, and then I mean it’s really bad. For an example the first boss is too hard
A first boss should be easy. A boss like that is better in place halfway at the game or something. It has too much HP and you take for granted that players have learned certain skills. That might be good for a later boss, but not the first. Don’t get me wrong, I love hard bosses but not so early. If you don’t change that in the final version a lot of people will stop the game there out of frustration.

The second boss was a bit more doable, though you put too less magic restoring items to defeat it. I would recommend adding a magic restoring items at the Vallen item shop. But other than that I guess it is a bit hard but its fine.

Also what I found really annoying that you can’t buy items before the first boss. This means that if you used them all up you can start the whole game over. You should really take care that you can buy items all of the time. You could for an instance put a merchant in the beginning of the first dungeon.


This looks like a promising game, but the very bad balance at the moment that kills the game a bit. But since it is just a demo I guess that can be forgiven. I will give it a 3.5 for now, I will make a new more detailed review when the game is finished.