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All Good Things

  • kentona
  • 10/01/2013 10:12 PM
Generica: The Next Generation v1.0 is released! Finally!

The download includes the option to play the original Generica, and the option to use either the G:TNG classes or the original Generica classes (to start either game). Also features a New Game+ that allows you to play through to the next game using the same classes/levels/equipment/items.

This game was patched using DynRPG and HyperPatcher 2 (for the font). There is a FF6.fon in the Font folder you should install if you haven't already. This is the first time that I used DynRPG, and I used it to install PepsiOtaku's Faster ATB patch.

If you encounter any bugs or balance issues, let me know here! I will do my best to fix them.

I hope you enjoy the game!


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You have completed my life thank you are winnner is you I'm fainting rightnowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwjmdlasdsjaiklmmewqjioew[ko[
Good lord! You've actually done it! Bravo friend.
did someone say angels

The art style reminds me of one of the Studio Ghibli films.
Holy flying red tositios – you’ve actually done it, my man!

And thank god you’re using PepsiOtaku’s Faster ATB patch to make the battle speed faster; it was one of my LEAST favorites parts while playing the original Generica – especially in the beginning stages when your characters are so f’in slow! *shutters*

But I’m glad you managed to put your foot down and finally complete it.

But seriously – this is got to be some sort of new record: Phantom Legacy, Fey, Super RMN World and now Generica: The Next Generation.

If this kind of pace keeps up, there’s just going to be so many god damn good games to play that I won’t even get any time to work on mine.
Just wait until I finish Solar Platypus, Aether Pulse and Settlers of Kentan then!
It's a wonderful day to be an RMNer.

By the way, if you ever made a prequel to the original Generica, what would you make it about? (I was thinking about DW3 recently.)
It would probably be about the original rebellion against the Slayer King, lead by Ergo.
You got the name wrong. It would clearly be Generica: Enterprise if it was a prequel!
I'm poking fun at how Generica followed Star Trek's naming scheme in TNG being a sequel to the original, unnamed Star Trek series* and if there was a prequel it should follow Star Trek's prequel series name: Enterprise. Just as if there was a TNG sequel it should be Generica: Deep Space Nine.

* For reference I am counting TAS as part of TOS
Well, I didn't like DS9 at all (I mean, it's a Star Trek where they aren't trekking...wtf?), so sequel to this would probably Generica: Voyager.
Also, "All Good Things" the name of the series finale episode in ST:TNG. It is the greatest episode in Star Trek history.
You the practice of self-promotion
Yeah, I remember it was a 2-episode series finale. I haven't seen it in years ... I'll have to find a place to view it.
Well, I didn't like DS9 at all (I mean, it's a Star Trek where they aren't trekking...wtf?), so sequel to this would probably Generica: Voyager.

You're dead to me Kentona
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