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Timelines and Caterpillars

  • kentona
  • 02/11/2010 08:05 PM
Agenda Item #1: Timeline

I am not making much progress on this. Reasons:

a) I can't seem to find any blocks of free time.
b) I foolishly started yet another community project.
c) My motivation is waning.

The current project specs call for 6 towns and 8 dungeons. I've currently mapped 2 towns and 2.5 dungeons. Those locations will also need to be evented with NPCs and plot-specific events, and for the dungeons, monsters and monster groups need to be made. Plus, there's all the testing. I'm only about 20% done this project. Urgh.

Current Target Date: Mid-March

Agenda Item #2: Caterpillar System

Should I or shouldn't I?

It is tempting to add this little piece of nostalgia to the game, and thanks to Calunio's little tutorial, I finally attempted to make a caterpillar system. It works...sorta. Some artifacts from the simplicity of the system come up, like the followers moving onto impassible tiles at times, and blocking your progress if you go down a narrow path and try to turn around. Plus I'd have to retrofit all of the existing maps with the events.



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I'll probably just remove the ability to reorder. It's simplest.

On the plus side I worked out the quirks in Calunio's caterpillar system. Now it's just a matter of copying all the events to all the maps and ensuring the event references match. Luckily it's a small game and there aren't that many maps.

I figured why not add it?
You can create a special place that's accesable via an tie or something where you can change the party order. But that still requires a lot of variables.
@Mary4D: Yeah, the ordering issue is one I'll have to figure out.

@NicoB: That would work, except that then when they walk through water the lower half of the charset isn't faded. A minor point, I know.
Also, you could probably do it in a common event and save yourself some headaches.
Also, you could probably do it in a common event and save yourself some headaches.
Go for it. You can probably fix running into your party members by simply turning the phasing mode on for each secondary character.
It's a lot of work, especially since you're able to choose classes.
+ You won't be able to change the character's order anymore. At least not in the menu.
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