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All Good Things

Generica: The Next Generation v1.0 is released! Finally!

The download includes the option to play the original Generica, and the option to use either the G:TNG classes or the original Generica classes (to start either game). Also features a New Game+ that allows you to play through to the next game using the same classes/levels/equipment/items.

This game was patched using DynRPG and HyperPatcher 2 (for the font). There is a FF6.fon in the Font folder you should install if you haven't already. This is the first time that I used DynRPG, and I used it to install PepsiOtaku's Faster ATB patch.

If you encounter any bugs or balance issues, let me know here! I will do my best to fix them.

I hope you enjoy the game!


Beta Testing: The Next Generation

I am nearing completion of Generica: TNG, and while I was just going to release it with my own testing, I'd thought I'd test the waters (so to speak) to see if anyone else would be interested in testing this game before it is released? There are several new systems in play here in this game that are prone to errors (that is, me forgetting to event something) so an extra set of eyes would be helpful. Plus, with 9 classes it can be tough to balance.

Let me know if you are interested.

I am targeting a Sept. 30th release date

Progress Report

Final push

After a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG hiatus (that I didn't even mark as a Hiatus status for some reason, which kind of sucks because I wanted to just change the status back to Production and have that be the notice sent out to subscribers, but since I didn't I feel obligated to make a blog post about it), I have started work back up on Generica: TNG.

I am currently replaying the game to see where I was at, and I have cleaned up a few things that were bugging me about the design of the game, especially early game. Specifically, I tightened up the mapping of the Theron temple and Gaia's Grotto a little, added a few more essential items (torches and life herbs), removed ghosts from early random battles, had Cobras drop Cure Herbs, and tweaked encounter rates. I am also tweaking the classes a little - there were only 2 healing classes out of 9 (the Cleric and the Wizard), so any party is almost GUARANTEED to have one of those two classes. We needed a third class capable of at least SOME healing, so I added a Trump card to the Cartomancer class, that has minor healing to the party, and it is given to the class at the getgo. I have also given the Death Knight the ability to revive, and the Mageslayer and Death Knight can also RobHealth. So, parties will STILL probably have a cleric or wizard, but at least there are other options.

Anywho, the big thing to takeaway from this is I am going to fucking finish Generica TNG already. Fuck.


Valedictory Game Drive Edition

I uploaded a demo of this game for the Valedictory Game Drive event. I was really hoping to get this game done by then, but just didn't commit enough time to it (I found myself busy with work, and also ended up spending 2 weeks of the game drive finishing up Mario vs. the Moon Base instead).

Anywho, the demo is up.

It is about 50% finished. You can play up until the point you cross the mountains and get to Lashburn (so save before you enter the castle).

When you start a new game, you can opt to play Generica: TNG using the original 8 classes from Generica. On the character select screen, move your cursor straight up to toggle the class select options (you will 'warp' to the new select page). Move back up to toggle back. However, you cannot mix and match classes from Generica and G:TNG.

When you start a new game, you can opt to play the original Generica. On the character select screen, move your cursor to the left to toggle between Generica and Generica: TNG. So you can opt to play the full original game with the new classes. The caterpillar script is not yet implemented for the maps in Generica. Also, I did not rebalance the original game (it needs it!).

Coming soon...
-the full game of G:TNG
-some sort of indicator for the game toggle (as described in bonus #2)
-the ability to take your party from Generica directly into G:TNG


I need to get this game off my plate...

...and so have committed my time to finishing it.

There was some plot issues that had really tempered my enthusiasm for this game, but I think I battled through that with a little creativity, some apathy and a little bit of hammy NES-era questing. So s'all good.

I am not going to commit to a specific date at this time, but I am gunning for before the end of the year.

Does anyone still care?


Resuming The Next Generation

Now that my Game Gale side project is done, this project will be revived from Hiatus. When did I say I'd finish this by? July 9th? Urk.

Well, this is a small project - only slightly larger than Generica - so I suppose that is doable, but it is not likely to happen by then. How about I shoot for July 21st instead? That seems more likely.

For those of you who have forgotten about Generica: TNG, this game is a direct sequel to Generica set 33 years later. The world is still going to shit and a plan is afoot to revive the Slayer King, but you'll be there to put a stop to it!

So...yeah, consider this blog the kickoff of the final phase of this project.


My computer crashed!

My computer crashed and I lost all my projects! It was an epic failure too - I couldn't even manage to get the WinXP Recovery Console to run. The critical iastor.sys file was corrupted (or infected) and apparently that is a really important file the OS uses to communicate with the harddrive...and apparently harddrives are important?

Anywho, the bottom line was I lost all my work on that computer - all my projects, images, photoshop works-in-progress - gone. :( Years of hard digital work were lost in an instant and there was nothing I could do. This sucks.

....but luckily I'm not a total moron and I had them all backed up on a thumbdrive.
...and on my old computer.
...and on a backup CD.
...and on my old work computer (shh!)
...and on SkyDrive.
...and here on RMN (for my finished projects, anyway).

Let this be a lesson to you!


Progress (Non)Update

For anyone still following this I figured I'd give a short update.

As I set new deadlines and watch them pass, I figure I should set another! That should work, right? Okay, the new deadline is...letsee...April 9th July 7th. Why not, eh?

As for the project itself - I am making monsters and events for the first few areas (two villages, three dungeons) and am planning the next plot point. I'll actually get to use the tree chipset in game! I can't wait. Also, I implemented the caterpillar system to the existing maps and have created a template with the caterpillar events that I copy for any new maps. I doubt that I will retrofit the original Generica with a caterpillar system, but you never know.

Humboldt -- FINISHED
Kerrobert -- FINISHED
Spiritwood -- PLANNING

Ancient Temple -- FINISHED
Gaia's Grotto -- FINISHED
Mt. Peek -- FINISHED
Wilderun Forest -- PLANNING
Pool of Radiance
Lashburn Ruins

Changed the date! And I haven't made any progress. D:


Timelines and Caterpillars

Agenda Item #1: Timeline

I am not making much progress on this. Reasons:

a) I can't seem to find any blocks of free time.
b) I foolishly started yet another community project.
c) My motivation is waning.

The current project specs call for 6 towns and 8 dungeons. I've currently mapped 2 towns and 2.5 dungeons. Those locations will also need to be evented with NPCs and plot-specific events, and for the dungeons, monsters and monster groups need to be made. Plus, there's all the testing. I'm only about 20% done this project. Urgh.

Current Target Date: Mid-March

Agenda Item #2: Caterpillar System

Should I or shouldn't I?

It is tempting to add this little piece of nostalgia to the game, and thanks to Calunio's little tutorial, I finally attempted to make a caterpillar system. It works...sorta. Some artifacts from the simplicity of the system come up, like the followers moving onto impassible tiles at times, and blocking your progress if you go down a narrow path and try to turn around. Plus I'd have to retrofit all of the existing maps with the events.



"Interesting Locales" or "Why DW Chipsets Rock So Hard"

I'm having more fun making cool looking locations in Generica: TNG than making any progress on the game itself. But I love the look of them. Of course, this view is in the eye of the beholder. These retro (read: ugly) graphics are certainly an acquired taste, and my love with them most certainly stems from hours upon hours playing Dragon Warriors on my NES.

Amazingly, because of the simplistic style of these graphics, I have fit all of it into one chapset (RMVX-like!):

The red-water isn't working quite right yet, but I have no need for it in G:TNG so I haven't bothered to fix it. It'd be pretty simple to do.

So if any of you are interested in this style of game, feel free to grab my compilation! And by "any of you" I mean "Ephiam". ;)
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