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..:: CLASSES ::..

A fast dual-wielding fighter who can raid enemies for loot and rush for double agility.

A blowzy harlequin gifted in channeling the strange powers of Tarot cards. By drawing offensively or defensively, the Cartomancer can channel random aggressive or defensive effects in battle.

A dangerous assassin specializing in the neutralization of sorcery. Special skills enable the Mageslayer to stop, drain and reflect magic.

A holy healer and stalwart defender. His healing abilities are unparalleled and his divine nature can lay waste to the undead. Heavy armors allow him to take punishment.

A dark mage whose black magic nukes all who stand in her way and whose scythe cleaves any left standing in two.

A versatile spellcaster who is a scholar of both healing and dark magic. His Chainmagic ability will allow him to cast twice per round.

A special warrior that can summon ethereal and elemental weapons to wield in battle.

A powerful fighter who can dish out a lot of damage. His Impact ability will allow him to attack multiple times per round.

Death Knight
A dark warrior who has a small selection of dark magic. He also resists dark magic but weak is versus light.