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"One Night 3 deserves some cred for turning survival horror into something that can be idly enjoyed on a lazy afternoon" - PC Gamer

"It really nails the atmosphere" - IndieGames.com

One Night: Full Circle is the final game in Dark Gaia's RPG Maker VX made survival horror series. It is intended to tie together and resolve the stories of the previous two games in an exciting conclusion. It was released in early 2011.

In One Night: Full Circle, you must search for your missing sister Alyssa in the town of Stillwater, a place that has been a ghost town since an unknown catastrophe occured one fateful night six months ago. As you uncover the secrets of the town in search of your goal, you'll also discover how the stories of the previous One Night games tie together and follow them through to the dramatic ending.

An entire town awaits your arrival. It's up to you to survive the many horrors it holds. It's going to be a monumental task. Do you dare attempt it?

Note: It is recommended that you play both previous One Night games first to fully appreciate the backstory. You can find the previous games here: http://rpgmaker.net/search/?query=one+night

Latest Blog

New Full Circle build is up!

Hey, horror fans! Just letting you know that a new build of One Night: Full Circle (Build 5.3) is now online, adding a few much-needed updates to the game and addressing a couple of requests made by players.

This new build isn't drastically different to the previous builds (at least, not on the same level that my recent updates to One Night and Legionwood were) but there's still a fair amount of new content in the game to check out.

The changes to Build 5.3 include:
- Items, supplies, files and weapons are now sorted into different inventory tabs, making it a lot easier to locate items.
- Puzzle items that are no longer needed are removed from the inventory to prevent clutter.
- Due to popular demand, the Electric Saw item that is found in the University can now be equipped as a weapon, rather than just being a puzzle item. It is much stronger than the Handgun but has limited uses.
- The writing in cutscenes and files has been cleaned up and errors rectified/awkward sentences rewritten.
- The morality counter has been adjusted so that it is now actually possible to get the good ending (previously, it was set up in such a way that you couldn't ever get enough good morality to unlock the ending). I'm not sure how this bug went unnoticed for such a long period of time, but it's fixed now.
- Game events have been slightly optimised to cut down on lag that some people were experiencing.

I also discovered that the One Night trilogy now has a TV Tropes page that was created by someone who apparently really likes the games. Check it out here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OneNight
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  • 11/13/2009 11:46 AM
  • 09/24/2014 11:19 AM
  • 04/15/2011
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Simply amazing,I've played through all 3 games(one night 2 twice for both characters) and even though every time I got the bad ending cause I admit I'm not the best at these types of games, I enjoyed the ride from start to finish, thrills included xD, seriously I jumped so many times. ^u^
I only played the first two games and they were great games so I expect this one to be as scary and good as the other ones. Are you.releasing a guide on how to beat the puzzles like you did for the last game?
Find a serious bug in new build published in 09/07/2012, when I hold everything needed and ahead to solve the puzzle in gallery, I cannot use esc to call items menu, and it would affect all my saved data.

Some detailed description:

When I was investigating the image of pink lady (?cannot ensure the name because I reload the save file and cannot enter gallery without calling gallery key from items menu), the items menu is jumped out and from that on I cannot use Esc to call the items menu(not disfunctioned in windows but in game, it may be)

I'm afraid whether it may occur in other people's machine or just mine, my OS is Win8.1 64bit with RPGmaker XP/VX/VA RTP installed.

I don't want to be a jerk but I cannot play and I don't know whether It would occur again when I start the game over.

BTW, your game is quite marginal, I DO LOVE your scenario and the atmosphere while you telling stories.

Anyway, I would start over and hope it is a temporary glitch.

EDIT in 09/24/2014

Seems it would affect the whole game, I started over and cannot use ESC also. I've also backed up the save file in problem and safely deleted it and try again, no ESC either.

EDIT again in 09/24/2014

I've managed to solve it by press large 0 key the numerical keypad next to the editor keypad. Seems the lock of X key could be solved by this way, I wish it is only the problem of my machine. Thanks again for your game and will play ON4 full game.
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