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Originally released December 19, 2005.
The boy Rolf wakes up to an ordinary day in his tiny forest village of Ur. During a routine excursion to the forest with his friend Melissa, the village is attacked by a former resident, a man named Theo. After wiping out the entire town, Theo decides to allow Rolf to live. Rolf spends the next years of his life training to defeat that man and avenge his family and friends.

There are five playable characters, a change party 'reserve' system allows you to choose who is in your party at a given time. While it uses the DBS, there are strategic twists to make it a bit more interesting. There are no random encounters, either. While it is, for the most part a standard RPG, there are sci-fi elements in the storyline as well. It provides somewhere between 14-16 hours of gameplay. Features a lot of customized graphics (notoriously bad faceset designs) and an almost entirely custom musical score.

Latest Blog

Quiz Master Minigame

In addition to the bug I mentioned in the last blog post, I have been informed (a long time ago actually) that the quiz master minigame doesn't work as it was intended to. Apparently I'd accidentally coded it so that one wrong answer caused you to fail out of the test (but only after the third question), instead of the intended two questions.

Firstly, the minigame's purpose was a silly premise in the first place. I included it as a sort of check to make sure that the player was actually reading the story, and not skipping through the text. I realized long ago that I shouldn't be forcing the player to read through all the dialogue, least of all not so they can answer a few random questions about a few words that someone probably doesn't even remember at that point.

With that being said, all of the answer except the very last question can still be accessed from within the castle. However, because of the bug I mentioned at the beginning, this still leaves the game unplayable if you missed the answer to the last question. My bad.

That brings me to the second point. I had intended to remove this minigame in a later release, but since I concluded the game was virtually in it's final form so I could focus all my work on the sequel, that never happened. I also intended to post the answers to the quiz somewhere, but at the time, I couldn't think of a proper place that I could post them, where anyone who's playing the game could easily find them. Enter this site.

So, without further adieu, I present the answers to the quiz master minigame.

The first 5 questions are multiple choice.
1) Option #2 Gremal
2) Option #1 Raygley
3) Option #4 Ur
4) Option #3 Aaron
5) Option #3 Royal Knights Brigade

The last 5 questions made use of the enter hero name event. Because it was really quirky in rm2k, there were a few rules mentioned in game to make it work properly. Failure to comply to these rules would result in an incorrect answer, even if the answer given was right.
- Capitalize names of places and people. Do not capitalize the names of items.
- if the answer is an odd number of letters long (3, 5, 7 etc) you need to put a blank space at the end of the input. Doing this makes the full word show up on the top.
- do not add spaces to the end of even lettered words.

The answers to the questions are given below. They appear in their EXACT spelling. a _ will be placed after every odd lettered word, to remind you to put an extra space at the end.

question 6 - Eddie_
question 7 - Dera
question 8 - herb
question 9 - Edwin_
question 10 - Rankov

That's the answers. Maybe someday I'll update the actual game to remove this thing, and the terribad facesets, and whatever else I decide needs fixing. Maybe.

Later guy(s?).


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I remember this game from a while back, you still working on the sequel?
Yeah, I'm gonna upload a project page for the sequel in the next day or so.
It's waiting to be approved right now. Check out the games official website here.
I remember this game from a while back. Didn't know you were still actively making them.

I think I'll have to download this to see if I played this before!
Man you game rocks as classci epic rpg. Great voice work and everything else. Well maybe lack of accesories pissed me a bit but that s all. The ending was pwning hahaha.I think only one more game I completed had more anticlimatic ending- PARALLEL WORLDS inspired by Year 1984 Orwell. Where after many adventures hero waltz into tyrant hq when he is stopped by his team cuz they were working all along for tyrant and the hero gets killed. Unfortunatelly game is not translated( polish)
Thanks for the comment zenla. The ending is pretty anti-climatic, but it is designed to feed right into the sequel, it isn't so much a 'bad ending' as it is a cliffhanger of sorts for the next game.

There were originally meant to be a few more accessories in the game, a bracelet that slowed time down was planned as a story based accessory (like the STR Bracelet), which would help you get through certain traps and such, but eventually the idea was scrapped in favor of the 'avoid the monsters' room in the final dungeon instead. Stat raising accessories were a bit of an oversight that I didn't really realize until the game was near it's completion. Glad you enjoyed it though :)

Incidentally, I don't recommend playing the demo for MC Vengeance unless you don't mind the ending of this game being ruined for you. If you have any intention of playing this game through, I wholeheartedly recommend you do not touch Vengeance until after you've beaten this one.
I'm stuck in the cave where you get the strength bracelet. Specifically, I'm stuck around the area where you fight that one guy; after the room where I fight the soldiers there's some spikes, but I can't figure where the button to get rid of them is. A little help?
visual trick. you can walk under the wall below you one square. it's an autotile.
I think we may be talking about different dungeons? Because I tried that but I couldn't get past the spikes.
I was thinking of the same cave, I should have explained it better though.

the room you're stuck in is shaped like a sideways hourglass. in the middle, three spikes block the path, preventing you from continuing to the left.
Two maps to the right, where you flicked the switch to continue, there were only two spikes, allowing you to scoot underneath them without flicking the switch. when you get to the map you're stuck on after having not flipped that switch, those three spikes are down, and you may continue.
see the following image for a reference if my description was still shoddy.
or image links don't work....

look at that link, then.
as an edit button has magically appear on comments, I fixed the image link I tried to post above. This post is kind of useless now, perhaps a delete comment button will magically appear next.
My mind is full of fuck.
Playing Veng Demo 2. So I might as well download this one after.
whats the awsers for the 8 questions in the castle i stuck.
I posted a new blog concerning your question. It's not the first time this has been mentioned, so I figured a blog is a better way to answer it.
I tried to play this awhile back, but I couldn't get one of the questions in the hero naming part of the quiz to work. I'll see about giving this another shot, but you really should fix it up a bit. People are bound to want to play the games in order, so you want to fix this up before releasing the sequel. Of course it's up to you, it's just my advice.

Edit: I was going to give it another shot, but there is no font in the game folder, and the font isn't working. When I tried it last time, I had a different computer than I do now, and I know for sure that it can't be any of the default rm2k3 fonts, cause those are already on my computer.
That's weird. As far as I know, I did use the default rm2k font.

I know I used an rm2k font patch with the game to make the font display properly. I'll put it in my locker if I can find it.

edit: I found the font patch I used. I can't guarantee this will fix the font problem. fonts have always been funky in rm2k, tbh.

here it is

Sometime before Vengeance is released I'll do my best to make this game playable. I owe it to people who still have any kind of interest in these games of mine.
That fixed it. Not sure why it wasn't working before lol. Well from what I remember, the intro of your game was good, can't comment much on the rest since the quiz stopped me back then. I'm dangerous at testing, so I'll help ya fix it up with my comments as I go through.
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