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Sacred Reviews: Tokens & Tigers


"Tokens & Tigers" is an arcade game developed by Mikemc using RPG Maker 2003 that is a clone of "CD-Man" which is a knock off of "Pac-Man" with a few twists on the standard formula. It should also be noted this arcade game was originally created for the community game "Befuddle Quest 3: Love is a Four-Legged Word". As such this arcade game is extremely short and is comprised of a single level. And while Mikemc was of the opinion this game was solid enough to release on it's own. I really don't agree with that assessment for a few reasons. Though, I suppose I'll get to those when I cover the gameplay section.


As you can probably guess from the intro this game doesn't have a story. Your simply a dude collecting spinning silver ankhs while trying to avoid man-eating tigers. And that's really all there is to it.

Greatest Strength/Weakness

On the plus side this game does feel like an old school arcade game. After all, one of the most famous arcade games of all time is "Donkey Kong" where a man jumps over barrels and climbs ladders in order to rescue a damsel in distress. In a way a game that does away with all of the plot twists of your standard turn-based JRPG is a breath of fresh air. At the same time the shallow nature of the story means this game is entirely dependent on it's gameplay. So if your not a big fan of "Pac-Man" your probably going to hate this game in a hurry.


As you can probably guess based on this being a clone of a clone of "Pac-Man" this game is all about collecting objects and being able to collect an extra powerful object in order to turn your enemies into point fodder for a short time. This game changes up the formula by requiring the player to earn enough points to complete a bridge as well as requiring the player to collect a randomly spawning sword in order to access part of the stage. And while these changes would merely be novel in my opinion.

The change that makes this short game really annoying in my opinion is that you need to earn enough points to complete a bridge in order to beat the game. And in order to do this you will need to lure the tigers towards the golden crosses so you can turn them into easy points. And you really can't beat this game if you don't earn enough points from capturing the kittens.

To make matters worse the game first checks to see if your next to a tiger before it checks what sort of object you would have picked up on the tile you just entered. So if you enter a tile holding a golden cross and a tiger is next to you it's game over.

Additionally the golden crosses are also known to be bugged. This bug happens if you collect a new golden cross too soon after the effects of another cross have just ended. This will result in the tigers turning into kittens for a brief second before turning back into tigers. And considering how much you need to feed on the points offered up by the kittens. This bug can royally screw you in more ways than just the obvious.

Graphics and Sound

As far as I'm aware the game relies almost entirely on the RTP for these aspects of the game. At least I don't remember spinning silver ankhs being something you'd find within the RTP. Unfortunately I find the spinning ankhs rather annoying to look at. So this game goes from being visually boring because I've seen these assets used in dozens of games over the years. To a game that actively annoys me to look at.

At least the sound aspect of the game is alright, but that probably isn't that much of a shock since I usually don't have that much to say about that aspect of games. Though, I suppose it was a nice change of pace after spending so many hours playing "Dragon Hunter" by Hunt147.


"Tokens & Tigers" is the Matryoshka doll of "Pac-Man" clones. Unfortunately this clone suffers from two key issues in my opinion. For starters this game only contains a single stage. So there really isn't that much content here for a stand alone project. Secondly the game suffers from a few technical issues that makes the game harder than the developer intended, but if your a fan of "Pac-Man" you'll probably enjoy this one a little bit, but if your someone like me you'll probably come to hate this game with the burning passion of a million Foreman grills.