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Game Progress and Lack of Sleep.

Hey ya'll...I just wanted to give a quick update on how things are going for anyone who's interested...Right now I'm in the midst of a getting a few cutscenes done, progressing the story, yadda yadda yadda. Since posting here progress on the game has really slowed down because I was trying to go back and fix every problem everybody with almost every map I've posted so far. I dread to think what would happen if I posted any new ones now.

Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate every one trying to help me so far...but it looks like for the most part that the negatives of my mapping always out weigh the positives...I can't help but think I would have been better off just sticking with the RTP. I mean between making the maps, importing them into photo shop, placing every single detail there, then doing the lighting for every map, trying to get the events to work and look right, having the scripts and layers in order, test playing, and test playing, and test playing, and test playing, and test playing, and test playing...I'm growing a bit weary faster than I normally do...

To be honest I'm not so sure what people actually do find so "interesting" about what I've posted, but that's what I seem to hear the most. I am a one man team, and I'd like to keep it that way, but I'm just not sure what people expect from me...If this game and story could be perfect, or a masterpiece, then I'm certainly not going to be the one the pull it off. Thought I should let you know. I've never been able to really meet expectations...and I'd be surprised if this game managed to change that(great advertisement, I know!)

Anyway, I'm usually just more down when I don't get very much sleep, but if I get any slower than this game won't be finished for decades =_=....goodnight...or afternoon.


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Just wanted to say...exactly. You are a one man team. Here's my opinion...and honestly I just randomly came across this and read it because I'm bored, but I still have thoughts. Dude, screw everyone's nit-picking at your maps, seriously man! The way I see it...the only people in this world who are going to be acting like picky little bitches are people from this site...because they play SO MANY of these games. In my opinion, coming from somebody who just enjoys a little fun game time and someone who has programmed with RPG Maker for years and years, just have fun with it. If people want to be picky bitches about every little detail, seriously man, they can go fuck themselves.

I'm sorry, but I'm annoyed because I recently posted a game here and I got EATEN ALIVE because I used RTP and some of my maps weren't "epic" and "perfect" like they should be according to everyone else. Even though, the story, the game play, everything else about that makes it a game makes it more fun than most games I've even played. What I'm saying is...take your STRENGTHS and work with them. Maybe you aren't a high-class mapper...but fuck it. Who's "perfect"? Even if your game doesn't carry the strongest, most perfect maps, I bet it will still turn out epic as hell to the other 98% of the world who aren't on this site and don't play tons of these games.

Dude. Have fun with it. Bottom line. And stop giving a shit what people think about your maps. Just do what you can... After all, remember...you are a one man team. What do people expect of you? Seriously...
By the way...just took a gander at your maps. Dude! Fuck them!! People are ripping into your maps?? Seriously?? Your maps look epic... I don't see how people could be THAT ridiculously picky and obnoxious that they criticize your mapping...even if they are "trying to be helpful". Dude. If I were you, I would just work on your game to your own standards, have fun with it, and stop trying to live up to these peoples' standards who have expectations that lead up to the sky. Damn... I mean, can they do better? Or is it just talk? And I bet some of these "perfect mappers" don't have a clue about programming or anything else when it comes to RPG Maker. They just waste days and days making maps that will never be used in a single game...expect maybe their 5 minute demo that no one plays. Sad.

Sorry, but I'm on a rampage.. Haha. You should just get back to work and make something epic.
agree 100% with moam. your maps are very well-done--some of the prettiest i've seen on this site, in fact. some people just like to bitch, i guess. screw 'em.
It is good you get the nitpicking out of the way early in production (better now than later). It's annoying, but you'll learn from the inconsistencies so you don't make the same mistakes again. There is a point where you need to stop though, and continue onward with a project. The overbearing amount of criticism is something wrong with the rm scene, this is true. Most of the complaints I've seen could be fixed in 20 seconds though, so I don't see the big issue on the comments.

Good luck with the game. =)
I don't think it has to do with the amount of work that it takes to fix these little picky criticisms... Its the fact that around here, the lack of encouragement is why so many games are turned into "abandoned projects". Its why I personally never post demos or never give people tastes of what I am doing before I finished because chances are around here, just from the constant pestering when something doesn't look "pro" or "perfect", like in PROFESSIONAL games that are made by teams of many people, you never feel like it will be enough when you give people a taste. I feel like people should encourage more than fill with criticisms, even if it is just to help. Because in the long run, the chances of ending up with a finished, well-done product are much higher if you feel good about what you've done as opposed to feeling like shit, due to people never laying off the criticism.

I swear, looking at some of the comments left in his screen shots...people are just looking, digging for any possible complaint to leave...anything they can possibly find. It's really annoying, which is why I rarely promote my games to people on sites like these...because that's really all you get. This guy has a wicked project in the works and instead of picking at every little thing he does in his maps, why don't we point out what he's done RIGHT every now and then? Or at least add a few positives with a criticism. Seriously...because there is so much good that this dude has done in his game thus far that can be commented on.
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