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'I am not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens.'

The wonderful world of Grimms Inc. is situated in the scenic underworld. The main hub of Grimms Inc. is the Grand Halls that houses our many workers. The halls include shops, training centers and other secret surprises. We also boast the only Reaper Company with a working Interstellar Teleporter which sends our brave workers around the universe in exciting and occasionally fatal missions. While staying at Grimms Inc. please be aware to stay away from our arch-competitors, ‘Ghouls Inc.' Who's execution of undead rehabilitation is proven to be inhumane and down right horrific at times. But with our fresh faced workers lined up it's nothing but rainbows and toffee apples for this brave new future of undead management!

You play as Bardo, a dim yet curious Reaper in training that is thrusted into work after the mysterious disappearance of the previous 5 Reapers needless to say he's got some big shoes to fill. However not all things are what they seem at Grimms Inc. Journey through time and space completing missions and meeting all kinds of colorful and racially ambiguous characters in a comedic and witty representation of what life looks like when it all goes dark. . .

Latest Blog

Grimms Demo Released! Everyone decides to panic!

Just a heads up for those wonderful few who have subscibed to Grimms!

The Demo has been released. I know it's a little later than falsely advertised.

A few notes on the demo. Obviously it's not gonna be perfect there WILL be spelling
myself and testers have messed around with it and tried to break it and it seems alright.

Again, I can't wait to see what you think about it and see if it really is a good
idea to develop further.

Until then.. We're always watching..
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  • 11/23/2009 02:47 AM
  • 09/03/2023 11:34 AM
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can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
This is... intriguing. I'm watching this.
we've been getting some nice vx games recently.
I don't know why, but I'm always attracted to these underworld stories. It's probably NIS's fault.
Funnily enough a lot of the game's music comes from Phantom Brave and Makai Senki Disgaea 3 OSTs.

And thank you ChaosProductions. Your comment was similar to that of a cartoon villain. ;B
Sounds interesting so far, I'm eager to see what becomes of it.
Wow, this is the first VX game I've been interested in checking out...! Can't wait for this one!
Looks like a really good game. You have done a brilliant job
Looks like a really good game. You have done a brilliant job
This game will be most awesome when its finished!
This is fantastic.
Despite a few flaws and bugs this game realy takes the cake. I absolutely love how over exaggerated, yet still extremely diverse the characters personalities are. Looking forward to more updates.
good game seen a bug or two one in training first i did it i did not get to use rage thing and in forest i kill on the east side in front of the green chest one go away one stays in the way and you fight it again and again
and get a few level and drops did you mean to do that
This demo is ooold now. The new version doesn't even contain any battles anymore as I didn't need there to be any. The whole idea of squashing battles into the game effected how the story would go and i felt it'd be easier to tell the story through Monkey Island / Discworld style exploration and puzzles.

And even earlier than that the game was going to be something similar to the Disgaea Series. A faulty road indeed. Thanks for trying anyway.
so there going to no battles like Corporal Buggy Bear and monkey island that was not that funny by the way
but the game called grimms there will be killing going on right i like killing things in games i mostly like
killing zombies that don't do you tell them but that may be just me
Well the story of Grimms is less of them killing and doing the duties of a Reaper and more of them coming to terms with being dead. Soon after the first mission they discover that they don't really know why they're still doing what they're doing and that's where the open exploring portion would begin, letting the play find out for themselves.
and bad jokes you still laugh at and don't know why and puns and a few good jokes i hope and a story that gets you hook
ahh, sooo looking forward to this game only to find it cancelled.
So I clicked your username to find Grimms after you posted in the inspiration topic only to find the game cancelled.
Well the VX version is cancelled. Long story short I decided wanted to remake the game later down the line because I didn't feel the game needed any battles or RPG elements to tell the story and present the characters.. To which case it would be more suitable to be remade with Adventure Game Studio.

If you look back at the very start the game was going to use the GTBS Battle System and was intended to be a lot more battle orientated like that of Disgaea.
1 and 1/2 years later, but...

Tis a shame it went by the wayside. While it had its share of faults, it had a lot of potential, and felt sort of like a Tales of the Drunken Paladin spin-off.
Funny demo. I thought it was pretty funny. There were a few bugs like one enemy blocking a treasure chest and tileset passability but none were major problems. The ending was kinda rushed but it was alright game and I had a few laughs.
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