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Bugs bugs bugs...

I pulled off the asstastic alpha demo after playtesting this thing legitimately from the beginning of the game. No thanks to the 11-something downloaders who went for it.

Gamebreaking bug: the kraken. Originally intended as a joke boss, since then, it's became a more serious enemy like most other bosses. Upon defeating it, you gain WAY TOO MUCH EXPERIENCE AND MONEY. I warned in the asstastic alpha demo to avoid going above level five, but you can't very well do that with the kraken battle, can you?

More reports to come...


My thoughts on current progress...

Well, I had a gigantic rant. I realized it's stupid to pine over the fact that nobody's downloading my shitty alpha demo, and I can't seem to delete this blog anyway. So, whatever. My real thoughts on current progress? I'll make progress as soon as I can make a few minigames. Hate minigames? Well, screw you, then.

End post.


An interesting sidenote for version 0.3...

This, in its previously unaltered, serious philosophical storyline version, was awarded a misao for worst dialogue. THANKS A LOT, GUYS. With this came one idea: give up. Or the other (which I chose for a better scenario to my experience) continue, but remove nearly every trace of the serious crap. I'll post a demo when I can actually finish a few maps and whatnot.
Anyway, just a little history there. If you're the kind that lost interest from the screenshot/title, I can simply accuse you of being gay. So there you have it.
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