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Jurven Atwel- Snide, emo-looking, and doesn't put up with crap. He finds himself superior to his generic companions, bored of their tired friendships... For reasons unknown, he is practically thrust (rock) hard, into the role of a savior. Knowing of his tired friendships, he still cannot help his thoughts of Emma.

Emma Takime- An American-Chinese girl, peculiarly brash, tending to coerce people into doing things with her. Probably in the hopes of a better sex life? Well, who's to really say? She has an abandoned relationship with Jurven. And yet, sometimes what isn't wished for... simply can't manage to stay under the surface!

Ed Hatchett- Serious to a fault, the worst stereotype that mother nature can conjure. He believes highly in the value of hard work, despite the fact that he's a known shoplifter. Time will tell what his plans will amount to.

Aelita Janik- An alchemist who discovered magic through forbidden books. Usually smart without exception, there may be instances she'll zone out. Her friends believe her an idiot, but it could all be an act. Or is it something more?