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Squaresoft characters- You know, Cloud and the such... no big deal. They're more of a side-thing, really. I think I have their personalities down pat, so you won't find a word from them that seems too out of place.

Immense swearing- Mostly from the "protagonist," Jurven. His language is as foul as his sarcasm. That, or he has turrets.

"Engaging" Storyline- Actually more like an excuse for the characters' beliefs, and fighting. The game has lost most of its philosophy, but it still retains little bits and pieces of it. I hope it can hold a tad bit of interest. As far as I know, nobody else has made a storyline as far-fetched as this. If it is, it's completely serious. That's a no-no for me from this point onward on this project.

Small puzzles- Yeah, doors, combo locks... NPC interaction. You know it. I'll try to think up some ideas for map puzzles that may tie better into gameplay.

Medium-ish maps (NOT CONFUSING!)- Probably more of a detractor than anything. I'll try my hand at some legit FULL maps every now and then... but that will probably make them look like crap. Gotta learn by doing, right?

Somewhat challenging bossfights!- I swear to God, I'm going to have to rework the combat system to DEATH. And I know a popular method of doing it, too.

The return of a Final Fallacy character!!- Woot, right? But he's not the same as you remember him. And no, I didn't ask SPOONY, BECAUSE HE'S DEAD TO ME. How dare you not even give your website an actual closure, Spoons? FOR SHAME... and geocities died too. We must all work TOGETHER, you hear me, 'MAKER COMMUNITY?

AND MORE!!- I'll think up some more shit later, right?


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That, or he has turrets. -outlander145

Sounds like he's a nice little castle. I'll buy him. Did you mean Tourette's Syndrome?
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