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An interactive Christmas Card from the community that was released half a month after Christmas!

Note from Azn: To anyone who I may have missed while finalizing the game, I am sorry, I am done with working on this and am not going to add any more people in. Perhaps you can get into a future community project! I know there are probably a few people that got cut out or we lost somehow. There are also probably some bugs as well as random stuff that could use changing, and while usually, I meticuously go over pretty much everything, I feel it's best just to have it done as Christmas passed some time ago.. Hope you guys enjoy it though!

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RMN: Midsummer Community Project

So I decided to work on another community project much like the former and fairly successful one (http://rpgmaker.net/games/1608/ ): RMN Christmas Card. I don’t really know what to call this yet, but I’ll figure it out as time goes on. I guess this is going to be more European-centric since this seems more like a European holiday. I didn’t even know what Midsummer was until someone mentioned it to me in RMN’s IRC Channel. Originally I wanted to do the 4th of July, but it might offend some of ye Redcoats so I guess I can mesh in a bunch of summer themes together (cruise, 4th, par-tay!).

I don’t really know how to go about this project, but I guess the format is going to be similar to the way it was before. I am going to take sign ups to be in the game first and as time goes on, we can flesh out what we want to see. This project won’t be released until late June or early July. I think that is when midsummer is usually around, or so Wikipedia says.

See the thread int he GamingForum for more details!!
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  • AznChipmunk
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 11/27/2009 06:52 AM
  • 12/15/2021 07:14 PM
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an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
Who drew that girl that was the first option in the art house because I instantly fell in love with her anime smile
boobledeedoo I believe :D
Wow, RED and GREEN text system. What are the rules about Christmas games, they just have to be released during Xmas, or do they need to be about it?
Wow. Played through the whole thing. I even think I talked to absolutely everybody. I have absolutely no idea how I became a mohawk punk from my submitted charset, but whatever.

That was the most heartwarming ending I think I've ever seen in a 2D game. Thank you very much for this little gift to the community, YDS.
Absolutely beautiful. You and AznChipmuck really made a fun game. There were a few bugs, but it was all worth it to see kentona's baby spaz out at me. Great job both of you and to all those (including myself) who contributed.
Just finished it in about 20 mins, really liked it. Reminded me of the older RM community projects. Well done!
Played it and I like it very much.

Great work!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
This game touched my heart. :')
Happy Christmas from the future. Didn't know anyone in the game but still got alot of laughs.
do you know what tiles the house is made of (the walls and kitchen)
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