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A very cute and funny game!

YDS and AznChipmunk made a card for the entire community and this was the result.

The game starts where your real name is asked. I really suggest putting your REAL name for maximum impact. The game tells you the story on the get go on what you should do.

That's basically it with a lot of humor tossed in...and it's effective.

The music is well chosen and the graphics are EXTREMELY well made and obvious effort has been placed on it, there are lots of eye candy here indeed...


The gameplay is basically do things for the NPCs, from unplugging to fetching ingredients and finally convincing a guy to give you a card piece. It's hard to get lost at all and the dialogue will surely keep you have a smile on your face. And the results are quite humorous and fun.

Holy shit!

Overall, it's hard to say anything bad for a very cute, silly and short game made to please the community, I definitely recommend this to play for the lulz!


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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
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