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"Welcome to America motherfucker!"

RMN Christmas Card 2009
Adventure game for RPGMaker 2003

lol im afd i no longer have any dialog

Amount Played:
Played to completion.
Gameplay to Story Ratio:
There is no story, so entirely gameplay. That gameplay, however, consists of talking to people, so it might as well be a zero to zero here.
Fully. The resources consist of heavily edited REFMAP, donated images, and free license midis.

An adorable greeting card welping happy holidays from RMN!


Didn't I just say this game doesn't have any of this?


Story: 7/10
The game doesn't have much of a plot - you play as YDS, and you collect pieces of a card to send to a special someone. It's a cutesy, simple story arc for a cutesy, simple game, and it works.

Setting: 8/10
The neighborhood of River Mountain oozes charming coziness and comfort, and it bustles with community members of every variety, making it a joy to explore and hear what everyone has to say. This, I think, is the game's second greatest appeal.

Characters: 10/10
Us! That's right, us, RMNers and RMNettes. I'm a character. Craze is a character. Vincent Price Darken is in here. AFD made the cut, even.

And that's the biggest success of the game. While there are some lazy slackers who simply submitted "Merry Christmas", most contributors put time and thought into their dialogue, and it shows. There is a great deal of laughter to be had, and you definitely get a genuine feel for the disfunctional RMN family. It's something that really doesn't hit you until you take it in a concentrated dose like this.


Graphics 8/10
YDS's effort in capturing RMN in a dozen fistfuls of REFMAP edits is evident all over. I was able to guess who most of the characters were before I approached them, which goes to show how well they captured the spirit of RMN(ism).

(This catagory gets a bonus point because my sprite was particularly suave. ;D )

Audio: ?/10
Holiday classics, through and through. Can I even rate those? Is that allowed?

Interface: Irrelevant
When the only menu in the game has "save" and "quit", you do not factor Interface into the score.

Overall Score


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Haha, thanks for the review. The generic "Merry Christmas" ones though, were mostly from people who didn't submit any dialogue and we had to come up with stuff for them, and eventually most of them became just "Merry Christmas."
Whoa, those pics need compressing. 1MB pics FTL. Nice review though.
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