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A Heart Warming Holiday Experience *snow effect*

  • Ciel
  • 01/13/2010 08:38 AM
"RMN Christmas Card 2009" reminded me of the sense of community I used to feel as a member of the RM scene. I may not be familiar with many of the newer members or participate like I once did, but seeing a project borne from the unique culture and interests shared by RPG Maker users was invigorating and enough to bring me a smile.

Over the years I have met some really unique people around these game development sites, and their portrayal as characters in a game was pretty amusing. From Nightblade's unsettling encounter with an aspiring game maker to TFT's nonchalant shoplifting, there is something warmly familiar in each scene.

In these dark days, where modern monstrosities such as "RMVX" attempt to destabilize and deconstrunct everything we have worked a decade to build, a reinforcement of old-school style RM community is just what was needed. It may not be Christmas any longer, but let's try to keep up that sense of culture and togetherness that has brought us so far.

Happy New Year, chipfriends.


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It's heart warming all right.
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