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Quest for Colour is a time-critical game, where you battle against the clock while the world gradually deteriorates into greyscale. You need to collect the three crystals: Red, Green, and Blue before the time runs out. You can also pick up Color Bits (that look like tiny colored dead pixels in the game) to extend your time, but you need to run!

It was my first ever competition game, and was made in high school, so I hope you can excuse the oddness of this entry.

I recently updated the tileset graphics, made the time limit visible, and enlarged the color bits so they're easier to find.

Credits: Overkill (project lead), Zip (coder), Toen (fire map, code), Troupe (music)

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  • 11/28/2009 11:59 PM
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OOh I like this one. I'll play it when I have time.
This game has the best OST in any indie game by far.

And a top contender for the best OST ever.

I'm serious.
My mind is full of fuck.
Nothing gonna change my world......
This looks like fun! I'm going to try playing it.
Just finished playing. It IS fun. The controls confused me a little bit since I'm used to the Z/X for select/menu, but that's just me. Really nice, sweet game! I played on Easy mode tho... :0
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